Truth be told

Life is both a sculpture and painting at the same time. People sometimes relive their choices, again and again. When guided by principles, the path rather than the end, is what matters.

There are a lot many external factors that guide us through this life. Yet, one must realize that life isn’t a game and decisions can’t be made on the flip of a coin.

Choices can be made in the blink of a second, some choices are made for us while a few others are carefully chosen by us. We go through different phases at different points of time, it is which choices we’ve stood true to, withstanding the tests of time, is what that matters.

A chronic smoker that I was, have been pushed into quitting it. I don’t judge others still in the habit. Split second decisions are true. For let it not be forgotten that the heart beats at the rate of 72 beats per minute. Transactions are made in the time taken for a heart beat. So the ‘dhak dhak’ or ‘dil dhadakne dho’ should be consistent in the long run for life to have any meaning.

P.S I haven’t quit smoking and for now am not even trying. Dil dhadakne Dena zaroori hai kya? Is it necessary to let the heart flutter, doesn’t it beat to its own tune anyway?


Isolated Girl

Before I even began to blog,
my inbox had a clog
of fan following,
not to see, but to be seen;

it isn’t lessening, to be so keen,
a pursuit whose vein, I too share;
yet a name stood out clean,
isolated girl, who are you?

I gave your words a simple try,
a puzzle too much for me to weigh,
life is pain, you say and cry,
it didn’t give me, even a sigh;

you shall be alone, for too long,
a worthy soul may come, or not;
for mates are found, each passing day,
can true soul mates, ever be found?

a worthy quest, only for those true,
may be a few, souls like you;
yet isolated girl, give life a try,
each moment, so precious to cry.

If I had a Choice

If I had a choice
I would rather die,
If I were a die
I would cast an arrow,
If I were an arrow,
rather be the shirt’s mark,
If I were a mark,
let me duped by con’s labor,
If I were labor,
let me be its fruit,
If I were a fruit,
let me be an apple,
If I were an apple
let me be app launch pad,
If I were a launch pad
let me launch kids high,
If I were high,
let me never sober again,
If I had to go again
I wish I never had such a choice.


Weak was I, before I came,
you gave me strength
that I’ll use to learn,
not to tread, this road afar;

to learn new things
please give me leave,
for road less traveled
or more often tread

do not beseech me;
incomplete am I
incomplete my travels,
what roads, do they matter;

how long, who knows,
yet I shall come back,
showing newly learned,
to gain strength anew

for another sojourn
into another sabbatical;
adieus amigos, those
that can’t wait, that far,

if there are still more,
bye for now,
how long, before we meet,
I truly don’t know.

Samanyan Tidbits

1. Google wasn’t the most efficient search engine when it came on the scene, it didn’t invent the search box either, altavista and others were far ahead. What Google did was to have only the search box and move out the junk. Deciding, what was then deemed essential, as junk, is the innovation of Google. This is an example of imposed constraint as opposed to inherent constraint.

2. Twitter wasn’t the first micro blogging site either but they limited the maximum characters and that is Twitter’s innovation that made it happen, at least initially. Another example of a forced constraint.

3. “Who calls the shots, the Prime Minister or the Cabinet, the director or the star actor, the boss or the skilled worker, still not sure, then look up and concede that ‘he’ calls the shots.”

4.  ” Life is one editor that has no undo option, but don’t worry, there’s too much stuff around; that neither your mistakes nor excellence matter.”

5. “Genius like Ilayaraja can have ‘Nothing but Wind’ for all others there is nothing but work or  love or work and love; no other choices.”

6 “For those who wonder why God is unkind, he isn’t, he is just kind to all, and that’s the world’s problem. It falls upon man to be kind discerningly, a feat beyond me.”

7. “When it comes to your life plans, realize that there is a better editor than you, who knows what to cut, where to cut and how to show you in a better light.”

8. “You can either love your work or work for your love, if not, you’re unfit to either work or love.”


9. “I my fault,
you my heart,
he I care,
she I crave,
they are gone,
will there be we?”

10. “I can take on an angry mob but not an angry person, in case of an angry mob, I can be sure I am in the right, taking them on is a victory in itself, doesn’t matter if I live or they, in case of an angry person, if I lose, concept of goodness loses with me, and I am not vengeful enough to seek redress retrospectively, thus harming the cause of justice further”

Mom a Cliche

Clichés are hated by all, but the cliche you hate may be a truth for some one else. Mom is some one who loves you truly, understood by all; has been exaggerated to a cliche.

Yet there are times when one remembers the word mom though, as follows

1. One is severely hungry yet is forced to say no to food offered, for formality’s sake.
2. You’ve been morose and silent, but others complain of some behavior wrong in you, you’ll recall how she said the world was wrong while you were right.
3. When your wife says you’re selfish and you remember how your mom said she, your mom was alone selfish, and you later realize what a joke it was.
4. Everyone relies totally on someone near, be it brother, sister, or friend, or even a remote most benevolent god, but all judge your worthiness. In short all is reciprocation, except mom’s care.

There are some who’ve lost a near and dear, some who’ve known this loss that even God can’t fill, but not me who has never known such loss. May be I never will, I’m fortunate that way. This statement is a simple riddle, those keen shall easily infer.

Heirs of Gandhi

Gandhi isn’t a Mahatma, period. But he is the only guy I know who has come close to it. Speaking Ill of him, even at a personal level, is a pastime for us who are considered his children.

His true heirs hate him, but rightly so. I could empathize with the movie ‘Gandhi my father’, my father is no Gandhi, but trusted the world enough to let loose his unsuspecting children into it unarmed.

I’ve respect for the heirs of Nehru and their sympathies with insignificant pawns that caused demise of Rajiv. But don’t the title Gandhi-s owe to the true heirs. I’ve respect for heirs of Dhiru ji and concur with their entertaining movie stars and cricketers, they can spare a few pennies if not thoughts for this.

Settling the debt of the nation, is a favorite theme of laymen, but I don’t think it would be a prudent fiscal measure. This theme can be replaced by settling the debt we owe to the true Gandhi-s. May be they aren’t worthy of our nation, but it is the cost of a great man overlooking them for the nation.

I know not of those heirs, except a few in the ruling party, who don’t need this. I’ve heard there are several in poverty.

These and other scribbling of mine aren’t worth anything. But some day me or my writings may have sway and then I’ll make sure each insignificant word of this blog and each thought behind them will be made to count. Jai Hind.