Jokes Silly

In my 1st English class at college, the madam said in my native tongue; speaking English is easy, there is a magic word ‘pardon’ that when said will make the speaker explain more clearly. She switched back to English and the whole class nodded.

‘Pardon’, I said.

‘Oh, you are a quick wit, aren’t you, you catch on quickly’ , she said.

‘Pardon’, I said.

‘Oh, come on’ she said.

And what did I say ‘Pardon’, I said.

‘This isn’t funny anymore’ she said and would have expelled me.

The students said in unison ‘Ma’m he really doesn’t know English. May be Pardon is the 1st word he learnt’.

Madam just said ‘I guess then there are no magical solutions then’.

….. More jokes on the way, promise they’ll get funny and some day you might just roll hysterically with laughter…..


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