Samanyan Quotes – I

  1. Those who got money problems have no other problems and those without money problems have all other problems.
  2. Web Content writing is like writing a table of contents, you index content from other web pages but instead of giving page numbers, you just copy it and claim it your own.
  3. “Who calls the shots, the Prime Minister or the Cabinet, the director or the star actor, the boss or the skilled worker, still not sure, then look up and concede that ‘he’ calls the shots.”
  4. ” Life is one editor that has no undo option, but don’t worry, there’s too much stuff around that, neither your mistakes nor excellence matter.”
  5. “Genius like Ilayaraja can have ‘Nothing but Wind’ for all others there is nothing but work or  love or work and love; no other choices.”
  6. “For those who wonder why God is unkind, he isn’t, he is just kind to all, and that’s the world’s problem. It falls upon man to be kind discerningly, a feat beyond me.”
  7. “When it comes to your life plans, realize that there is a better editor than you, who knows what to cut, where to cut and how to show you in a better light.”
  8. “You can either love your work or work for your love, if not, you’re unfit to either work or love.”
  9. “I can take on angry mob but not angry person, in case of an angry mob, I can be sure I am in the right, taking them on is a victory in itself, doesn’t matter if I live or they, in case of an angry person, if I lose, concept of goodness loses with me, and I am not vengeful enough to seek redress retrospectively, thus harming the cause of justice further”
  10. “Don’t follow is a true creed, yet if following is what it takes to understand one’s true heart beat then following as a part of not following blindly shall be a striving to find one’s own truth as a subset of the universal truth.”

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