Stress Management – Mind Punches

Stress management is something  known today. Anger Management for vehicle drivers is something common in Delhi. In Chennai where I live, I see road disputes daily, where be the first to shout loudest is the norm, traffic rules aren’t even discussed. I declare at the outset, I know nothing of stress management. I don’t read self help books and thus know nothing about the topic. This is just how I lately deal with stress.

My erstwhile business partner is a correct yet very funny person. We used to travel long distances by car. We had to ask for directions at several places from several people. Only if those innocent helping guides knew their fate. Each would have a unique mannerism in giving directions and our partner will put a funny spin on them while travelling that would make the rest of us howl with laughter. If the good guys fate was thus, what about the idiots without traffic sense we come across. He will start by abusing them mildly and comment of how people are that will at least get a couple of chuckles.

I am no exception to the rule of ridiculing or scolding my boss to those in my inner circle. But that doesn’t mean I would let my work lapse, in fact me and my colleagues defend our firm and boss to outsiders vehemently.

In my college, if there is aa theft, the guys will just beat the hell out of the first suspicious person, but that will never happen if I am there. They don’t need anger management but rather method management and a basic dose of ethics. They probably learnt from our cops or political or otherwise gangs or mobs. If only I chance upon an unruly mob they might get something in addition to a dose of ethics. The reason I said this was we were taught to be never foul or suspicious about anyone unless we are cent percent sure. cent percent surety never happens. So we don’t voice suspicions.

Sometimes a person helps you, cares for you enough to reveal an uncomfortable truth about you, but it hurts you sore. In work for example a superior might want you to correct things, though true, how can you not be displeased. As far as I’ve seen it is the ethical and not the unruly who’ve stress issues.

What I do now is let my mind run riot. It doesn’t alter the fact that I hero worship that person. I throw imaginary punches till I knock them out flat. This is ok as long as one understands these emotions are our moments of weakness, and everyone is allowed their weak moments. If this is too harsh for you, who are normally calm and subtle, then just think yourself to be Popeye, who just had a load of spinach, and hit at the imaginary mountains and skies until they all come
crumbling down. I am not asking you to try this but only sharing that this works for me.



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