Heirs of Gandhi

Gandhi isn’t a Mahatma, period. But he is the only guy I know who has come close to it. Speaking Ill of him, even at a personal level, is a pastime for us who are considered his children.

His true heirs hate him, but rightly so. I could empathize with the movie ‘Gandhi my father’, my father is no Gandhi, but trusted the world enough to let loose his unsuspecting children into it unarmed.

I’ve respect for the heirs of Nehru and their sympathies with insignificant pawns that caused demise of Rajiv. But don’t the title Gandhi-s owe to the true heirs. I’ve respect for heirs of Dhiru ji and concur with their entertaining movie stars and cricketers, they can spare a few pennies if not thoughts for this.

Settling the debt of the nation, is a favorite theme of laymen, but I don’t think it would be a prudent fiscal measure. This theme can be replaced by settling the debt we owe to the true Gandhi-s. May be they aren’t worthy of our nation, but it is the cost of a great man overlooking them for the nation.

I know not of those heirs, except a few in the ruling party, who don’t need this. I’ve heard there are several in poverty.

These and other scribbling of mine aren’t worth anything. But some day me or my writings may have sway and then I’ll make sure each insignificant word of this blog and each thought behind them will be made to count. Jai Hind.


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