My brother used to say he can’t hit anyone, because he’ll feel their pain, and that was how we were brought up. This didn’t prevent him from hitting me, though occasionally.

I hail from Tuticorin, which is to Tamilnadu as Corleone is to Sicily. As a child, I’ve hit a kid to save a friend in a playground dispute. The kid was from a notorious area and he surrounded me with his friends and with weapons; but intervention from those around made nothing happen. As a kid, I didn’t know fear and in college I’ve been hit by several, when I was standing by my friends. Today I really feel sorry for the kid I hit and those from a violent or impoverished background. That phase is over I thought.

Both my parents as college teachers and unionists have been imprisoned many times, a reason today’s teachers are well paid; but most are unaware of the struggles that led to this high pay for them. The strength of such unionists and many others who stand up to the tyranny of the ruling class, where ever in the world they may be; such strength is called Moral Courage.

For someone like me, who isn’t quite moral or of impeccable integrity, may be moral courage might not apply. But I wrote in a post on stress management that, if I ever come across an unruly political mob, I’ll give them more than just a dose of ethics.

For I am single and I am young (though not a ‘dhanda choru King’anymore, tamil song lyric) and also I hail from Tuticorin.


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