I am a fool

I am an intense fool
so I fool nobody
my hide is fragile wool
tumble on stare of somebody

am I boy or tomboy
how weak, everyone’s toy
I ask is there hope?
hear clear answer, nope;

I killed all love
all my realities
cling to illusions
in pretense of a dove;

but I am a fool
and fool nobody;
If only I could fool myself
I might find a better self.


I am single

I am single
I don’t mingle,
it is tough
it ain’t a transient bough;

there are those that love me deep
selfish I am and all I do is make them weep,
what abilitities, I am impotent putty,
yet I fight to stay away from world’s pity;

In another’s hearth I am just nobody I cried,
it dawned, singles too got hearth, tears dried,
why is it the hand that gives you food
tell you, you are unfit to hunt, for your good?

I got to move with or against gods
I gotta move against all odds,
I gotta move to keep it all up in wraps
to escape that I set in confusion, my traps;

Oh powerful girl I thought you were mine,
crybaby I am, cry even when fine,
never saw you cry, wondered how strong,
then recalled tears in your story, I am wrong;

I am alone yet feel no pain,
I strive on odd days for some gain,
I fool myself saying not all days are alike,
this hope prevents me, hanging from a pike;

then I called a gutsy shot,
what if I am all alone,
what if I am unloved and love no one,
the world is still mine to live;

for these dark clouds of mine
shall forever not pass
yet there are lightnings of fun,
for those moments, I live and die.

Samanyan Funny Quotes

11. “My niece showed a quote saying ‘I am not Bossy, I just know what things you should do’, It made me decide to stay put in my job, for whoever it may be that calls the shots, if in the end, they add smiles to the nieces in the world; then my job is a worthy calling.”

12. ” They said matches are made in heaven but I realized lately that they are made in Sivakasi and despite this knowledge I am looking for my match”.

13. “Beggars can’t be choosers is true on most days but all choosers come past a day of begging and all beggars have a day of choosing. Somewhere along the way you stick to your choices and that is reality”

14. “The problem with me is extremes, I either love myself too deeply, so as not to love anyone else, or love others too deeply, so as not to love myself”

15. “The World is a place for love and affection say some and live that way,they find solace; the world is a place of selfish fun and joy and find pain, as society doesn’t allow peace for such folks; the truly wise say the first thing and do the second and have fun forever”

Don’t wait for me

Don’t wait for me, though I may wilt,
passing fast currents of tide and time,
don’t spare a thought, unwise such spent,
kindred kind souls, I’m an erroneous rhyme;

errors spelt or in grammar shall be righted,
for hope floats even in the bleakest corner,
but rhyme asynchronous, easy sighted,
no place or purpose, no single true mourner.


Oh guile less yet true vile escapist,
what weird evil satanic dirty twist
are you hiding and running  away from
why plan now, your endgame sum;

you got all questions but no answers,
what is guilt? what is shame?
what is pain? is there true remorse?
are you the vilest or is there more?

words desert you now, no rhyme
nor chime in your scribbling,
not a soul near for squabbling,
each tick, unbearable passing time;

too cleverly you marked exit time,
but how fill gap in-between
you got no rhyme, no reason
all facts cry, you’re a worthless dime;

life is part hell and part heaven shape,
all sing and dance along and you too must
however discordant you’re , there’s no escape
before you go, try earn at least one soul’s trust.