Oh guile less yet true vile escapist,
what weird evil satanic dirty twist
are you hiding and running  away from
why plan now, your endgame sum;

you got all questions but no answers,
what is guilt? what is shame?
what is pain? is there true remorse?
are you the vilest or is there more?

words desert you now, no rhyme
nor chime in your scribbling,
not a soul near for squabbling,
each tick, unbearable passing time;

too cleverly you marked exit time,
but how fill gap in-between
you got no rhyme, no reason
all facts cry, you’re a worthless dime;

life is part hell and part heaven shape,
all sing and dance along and you too must
however discordant you’re , there’s no escape
before you go, try earn at least one soul’s trust.

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