Don’t have time

“Sorry, I don’t have time”, is a phrase often heard. Wives are used to hearing it.

“Why don’t we take an early morning stroll”. “Sorry no time, breakfast meeting”.

“Coming for the kid’s play”.
“Sorry, no time, got work”

“Can we go out as a family”
“Got a report to finish. No time. After all it is for us that I am working hard.”

Once when a couple was returning from the coffee shop, both didn’t have watches and the husband wanted to know if the match on the television had begun.

He asked a passerby “Can you tell the time, please.”

The man replied “Sorry, I don’t have time enough to tell you that”, and walked away swiftly.

The wife couldn’t stop laughing and kept saying, there is god.

So take time for the one important aspect in life, People.


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