Eat Wisely

I recently read a post, Power Play – Survival of the fittest at .

It was about bull fight and how she was moved to tears seeing the bulls die one after the other. In that case Shefali you must also take on beef, which can be too much on anyone’s plate.

I am a vegetarian by birth, a sort of a class system based on a thing called caste in India. To break that mould and belong, I have become an occasional non vegetarian. A chain smoker wanting to see the end of smoking isn’t wrong. So with me and vegetarianism, as it isn’t my one cause.

The one cause for me is to end the rat race of life and lessening the pace of this world. I am a spec of dust in the wish that will make the movers come and do. I don’t go by the stop watch, so I know my wish will come true in my time or later.


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