I ain’t a failure

I ain’t a failure,
you live in this world,
intrigued by its lure,
I just got no hold;

I live light years away,
yet you’re my neighbor,
I need your love and labour,
for where I live, easily led astray;

I thought I got talent,
so I was never prudent,
saw everyone’s talent,
gush in awesome torrent;

seeing minds more potent,
lost heart, though never lament,
happy to see, happy to savor,
their fine wisdom and fresh flavor;

I grapple with the within I,
yet still hold Ayn Rand high,
my cause, opposite, yet still pure,
never dare me, vilest failure;

for I call for death and defy life’s succour,
shall bring change to all with Che’s vigour.


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