Childhood Quarters

My parents were professors and we lived in a quarters. None of them would be seeing this, yet I couldn’t help muse about their professional selves now. The initial portion about specific people, other bloggers might not discern but the rest follows typical modern life and near the end quirkiness about me might be amusing.

The generation before, all professors, secured later in their lives, after what struggles, prisons, all for a cause and also their wards. Yet hesitant to let children fight own battles.

Of these, their professional lives, I’ll mention four. Venkatachalam, Murugan, Francis, and Muthiah. A filled cup, a stirrer, a balanced table and a shady tree respectively. Ideal ambience for the cocktail of knowledge

The seniors to me in my generation and my peers, all engineers, mostly in the IT space, great successes, balanced work-family lives, all far from hometown and mostly abroad. They have a better lifestyle but move at a faster pace than the generation before. Their living unit is the unitary family, neighbors are just a civility, they do get with friends or colleagues to have fun. They glean fun at work with those around or with facebook likes. Their lifeline is the telephone and internet through which they connect to people important to them. They manage to shrink all their love and focus to just their wife and kids.

My juniors are two and Oh, how I love them and their life choices, both left engineering to follow their true interests. One went to become a captain, he was made to earn it and prove his passion, maybe rightly so, what patience, what perseverance. Let the world follow its superhero captain america, my superhero, captain quarters. Great buddy.

A mathematician. Ramanujam and Nash in the form of a kid, a truly beautiful mind. Oh, pitiful world, don’t understand, don’t contemplate, don’t even pause, yet don’t dare judge a genus. He who played cricket is now playing tennis I am told. Kudos kiddo.

I took my interest literature only to drop it and complete Engineering.

What was I doing?  having a free lunch and dreaming.  What am I doing? Biding my time till the king steps down to hold the reins of the chariot and crash the gates of heaven.

P.S Oh, king don’t hurry to step down, let your fear for my well being and that of society rule. I don’t need the kingdom, just give me a nod, may be when free I will forge a kingdom of my own, just don’t force me to revolt.


One thought on “Childhood Quarters

  1. Oh balu anna, dear balu anna. Never knew you had so much love for us: Tony and me. I am deeply moved that you chose to mention the two of us among all our friends. None of us will ever forget our initiation to English at your house. Knight rider, street hawk, the armour of God, evil dead and what not. Everything due to mama, athai and your VCR. Scrabble, Chess, the computer game Prince all we first heard in your house. You made me reminiscent of the good old days.

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