Passion and livelihood

Blog is short form for web log and it’s dictionary meaning is still today of documenting one’s life, skills or passions. It is a good thing that blogs have grown into businesses and from the hands of an individual or a few to corporate entities. Those individual passionate bloggers are also trying to enlarge their base and somehow find a livelihood out of their passions itself.

There are however still private blogs too, to share with a private few. Some like me are individual open blogs who log their stuff in cyberspace, the sharing and motivation from fellow bloggers move us to do more. Some big blogs have incentives for the individual blogger to log regularly, thereby attracting his interest and traffic.

There are various fishes of various sizes and kinds in the blog pond now. No pressure, no hunt on. The difference between individual blogs and corporate blogs are apparent. The former left free to their own devices. To some blog is future money, to some freedom, both aren’t wrong.


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