Classics Adored

All classics mentioned below were read in my school days.

Good Bye Mr. Chips is a story about a high school teacher and his placid life. It was meant as a short story but extended to become a novel. It has no plot, suspense, intrigue or elements of an ordinary novel. He teaches three generations of students. There is his chippy self and how he handles students. Do read, if you haven’t already.

Lord of flies also has no concrete plot. A group of boys get marooned on an uninhabited island. What do they do, there is a power struggle, some try to claim power by setting new rules and others rebel to wilder side. The novel is a metaphor for the egotistical struggle of human beings. It is tad dark.

Call of the wild and White Fang are both novels by Jack London. The first is the journey of a domesticated loyal dog into wilderness and the next a tale of a wolf or wild dog into domestication and at most loyalty. The stories are told through the eyes of the dogs. Intriguing narrative and story that is at times sheer poetry. It isn’t writing prose poetically as modern writers do. The prose is sublime and symbolically rich to be poetry.

Pride and Prejudice of course. If only women can abandon their prejudices and instead of being lured by fakes find men with pride. Women love this, somehow I do too.

Jane Eyre. Great empathy for the heroine. Very interesting.

Gone with the wind. A foolishly romantic yet strong woman’s transformation into a fierce being to protect the ones she loves in the toughest of times. Even if you’ve seen Clark Gable’s stunning movie, read the book, you’ll love it.

Little Women, a feel good tale of sisters suffering hardships, enduring and overcoming them. Call me a child, yet I love it. If I had a choice between having a dozen wives and a dozen sisters, I’ll choose the sisters, won’t we all. Wives can be real pain.

Three men in a boat, not hilarious to the modern senses, yet a comical, philosophical, true take on life.

Charles Dickens, Robert Lewis Stevenson and their works we all know.

If you guys can tell a few you adored, I’ll be really grateful and have a lovely read.


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