Oh baby, strong beauty

Oh baby, strong beauty, don’t run away, not now,
for I’ve changed, oh! believe me , my lazy days are gone,
I sing songs now, yet not lazy, nor crazy, please ask me how,
a vision haunts me to wake early morn, work dusk till dawn;

you’ve heard stories, great excuses, quite a lot before,
what can I do, if this one is the grandest of them all,
truth simple is all I ever know, foolishly shall never know the score,
but you knew this all before and I trusted you to not let me fall;

I am penniless and a pauper, yet now am struggling to the core,
to earn my bread, make things meet and a lavish much much more,
but what am I to do when suddenly you ask for a diamond tiara,
except that, very harsh and unlucky to be born in so cold an era;

but don’t fret, I won’t ever blame you, my fierce cold, hot companion,
don’t dread, I won’t mildly go with unfinished vision into oblivion.


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