Fire invisible

(All posts in school days’ Rhymes section were done in my school days.)

No one saw it burn, no one felt it’s warmth,
but it grew each morn,
no one heard it’s breath,
but it was there somehow born;

even without fuel,
and with water all around,
after suffering the duel,
it nevertheless went ahead,
and became very cruel;

though it seemed vague,
shut inside the cage,
it spread like the plague,
with a wild rage,

was it too late, the heat unbearable,
efforts to stop in vain,
the nightmare was terrible,
it caused too much pain;

still none noticed the trouble,
no one knew it burn,
no one knew it’s warmth,
it grew with each morn;

no one heard it’s breath,
but the fire in me still burning.


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