Happiness Tag

I’ve been writing toooooooo seriously for toooooooo long now. Ouch. I cringe my nose as I see my posts. Che photo, blah blah, boring poems. 😭 I say again I actually am funny. 😂

I saw something called happiness tag in some blog. You say 5 things that make you happy and 5 songs you like. Ha, it actually needs being invited and inviting others in the end. Since when were we bound by rules. For perspective, I am a 30 ish single guy, in India, middle class. That’s a world apart from few bloggers.

5 Things that make me happy.

1. Pretty Girls

Now and always, seeing them, chatting up with them.

2. Kids, pets and family relations

Love spending time with them.

3. Books, Movies and Music

Favorite pastime. Somehow now its time for movies and not much books, music.

4. Friends, dining and occasional booze

This is a must at times, as I might have been locked up and not ventured out that day. I make it a point to step out and go somewhere at least once.

5. Doing creative things

Seen my scribblings, soon you’ll have to bear with photographs and other surprising stuff.

5 Songs liked most

I have not been exposed to English songs that much, intend to change it. Yet here is 5.

1. Desperado – Eagles
2. Hotel California – Eagles
3. New kid in town – Eagles
4. Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson
5. By the rivers of Babylon – Boney M

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


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