Complete wish list

The phrase bucket list stands for the final wish list as derived from the phrase kicking the bucket which means death. Now it is used as any wish list, summer, winter etc without association to the final wish.

Whatever it is, my blogs, expression of myself are getting angry and morose. I intend to reflect other things equally. Here is the complete wish list of my life, fulfilled or not, from baby self to death.

As a baby child

Clung to my mom and wished those strangers would leave me again into the hands of my mom.

As a child

Clung to the folds of the saree of my mom, while wishing those strangers would seek me out and talk to me instead; of my brother.

As a teen

Wished the girls flocking my dad and brother would turn to me too. Wished girls would overcome superficiality to admire innate qualities.

As a youth

Rebel, have lots of fun with loads of friends and the greatest of guts.

As an adult

Financial independence in form of a job, pinnacle of success taking the unbeaten track.
(This never happened and may be why many don’t accept me as an adult)

A true romance, some girl to say she loves me true.
(This happened yet as solace, may be not whom I seek)

At present

Seeking a place in the creative field and maybe postpone the marriage forced by my loved ones. In short seeking a position to give me freedom I never had.


To do something creative; documentary or something online, or directly, to foster change : to transform political governance and structure of big businesses. To see an upliftment of the current level of the proletariat.

Bucket wish

Die young, a fantasy is to die by gunfire, a bullet that Gandhi, Lincoln and Che Guevara had.


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