Capitalism, fairest of all.

What does America stand for? What is our American dream? (am Indian, what a chameleon)

Washington, Jefferson, Emerson and other forefathers on whose thoughts the union came about was built on individual liberty and freedom of enterprise. A different thought arose with other nations and died with time. Now the capitalistic thought echoed by Nietzsche and strengthened and spread by Rand is the only theory standing.

As people become tyrants with time so do concepts get corrupted and touted wrongly by its champions to become tyrants in newer times.

At the time of the great depression Keynesian economics worked gradual wonder in the form of big public projects and money pumped into the hands of the common man who in turn revived the economy. This isn’t a fall out of capitalism.

All those sipping coffee in the canteens of MBA grad houses discussing politics and economics, have you wondered of other things.

Why was and where has gone the hippie generation. Oh! there are always some streakers around, but why paint peace on their body and stand before the Capitol. What is the reason.

Yes we may have a lot of psychotic reasons to do such crazy things. Don’t you?

Money, pent house or even better lifestyle for your asthmatic mom may be your motivation, we look only at what you stand for, industry, and we respect you for that.

Dare to look beyond the façade of protesters and look at what we stand for, fairness. Fair chance, fair competition and a fair fight if it had to be that. Fair chance for the third world countries, fair chance for the less moneyed and unconnected right here in America, may be some day a fair world.

In the 2008, hundreds of billions of dollars in the bill to help the sinking banking sector, passed on to redeem dubious investments of the big businesses, especially these minimum utility high paid paper pushers. The increased taxes fell on the fair players. This was the 5th time the government had to finance private players. Salomon brothers the biggest of the bailed out has then been in a scandal where it has hidden loss figures of dubious firms making America a laughing stock across the world. I don’t want to make ignorant comments on this. But this wasn’t what Rand envisaged.

In effect a perfect scratch back system is in place, you scratch mine and I scratch yours and the rest discarded. They call this capitalism now. Then may be the time has come to end it or reinvent it.


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