I am the last person to give advice on success as a living failure in the eyes of the world. I haven’t learnt from failure as to give a ‘how not to’ advice like Edison. I feel I am near to my own success like never before. I won’t go in to questions like what is real success etc. I will try to make this a succinct management rule book.

Success is a cocktail and we will try to fish out the key ingredients.

1. Balance

Balance is success. Balance isn’t just letting yourself or your kids exposed to all opportunities. It is important. Prioritizing is important but you can’t juggle through life. In the end one must let go of a lot many things and stick to the choices made and try for maximum in few and amateur status in rest.

2. People Skills

Even when education guarantees a level of success, in the end those that lack people skills can’t reach beyond a level. You can’t keep your kid in a glass house for ever. Yet you can’t let your kid in the street to become street smart. Here too balanced exposure is needed. The one thing that can be done is not to stifle your kid’s school social activities and networking with friends. People skills can be had any time and open adults can do wonders.

3. Focus

Not too narrow. A broad flexible agenda is a lot better.

4. Hard Work

It is just a matter of discipline and habit forming. Passion helps a lot.

5. Guided approach

If it is a new colleague, a new office, a new exam or a new appraisal, or even if it be the old stuff, don’t take any for granted and a careful preparation ahead of time goes a long way in making you a success.

Confidence, Positive attitude and thinking, preparing for the worse, humility, friendliness and a helping tendency will also help you to become a success.

After writing this I realized I had inadvertently described the polar opposite of me, yet anyone can be a success, rule or no rule, if they just stay till the end, without losing heart.


One thought on “Success

  1. successful man has no time to tell you how he became successful. Failed man has a lot to tell oh his lessons learnt along the way. Success or failure living your life to the fullest is important.

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