I Realize Now

I realize now

what stuff

gods are made of

when I saw a dog

disappear only to be seen

few paces ahead.

God is not the reverse

of dog or man

but the connect of the individual

which perveades through all living

and non living things.

Dog or god all need to be

dealt with kindly.

Yet now I need to keep him away

for the little devil

I have turned out to be.

Neither man nor god can have it all.

One takes chances

or makes choices

to live through each day

after a level of maturity

after realizing we are

part gods of this




Am I a

Am I a Bi




in a sensual dream

a puzzle for one and all

as too many vistas

open in dreams.

I want the reality called death

and happy me

and happy all others till that eventuality

what prevents me is the self image

thrust in me.

Someone please love me enough

to kill me slowly or quickly

for redemption lies in next life

but I don’t believe in rebirths

there are people who die

with unfulfilled wishes

and a few die without a wish

so who am I

and how shall I end

more aptly for what shall I end

people are medium of so called gods

so some God please

Answer me.


The importance of marriage in society

why so much? …

because the need  of the cosmos is to sustain itself over the individual, where cosmos overpowers.

but not for the need of the individual to sustain himself, where the individual overpowers the cosmos.

Forget the babble. Changing times have put the institution of marriage at risk. The times of a live in relation is giving itself to casual relations without marriage. Yet everyone is expected to have a partner whether married or not.

Those single are questioned even now and there is a stigma attached to this. Hope in future this too will stop.


Different Shopaholic

Unlike others who splurge extra on dress and makeup or the men on their cars or bicycles, I crave differently.

I wear the same clothes for may be a year. Cigarettes are compulsory for me. Yet as an occasional shopaholic I bought too many books, a guitar, paint accessories, a midi keyboard and a DSLR camera. The last one is what I am pining my hopes on.

To read all books bought and to master these skills will take a long time. Yet it doesn’t matter. Earning money in some way and learning these things will give me soul satisfaction.

I hope to earn money in the tinsel town of tamilnadu Chennai.

Is being a shoppaholic bad?