Before the night is over

Before the night is over
the world shall kiss my feet,
Drunk on pride, I’ll never be sober,
all pains and sorrows shall beat retreat;

Before the night is over
she should come bowing to me,
beseeching not to be the vengeful lover
I’ll sadistically enjoy it with Glee;

My family, blood relations, friends
shall serve me stooping beneath me,
all dreams true with none that contends
or opposes my anger and cruel decree;

for this is my last night on Earth
towards hell I breathe my last breath.


If I were a grasshopper

If I were a grasshopper

I would hop from tree to tree,

If I were a party pooper

I would issue my own decree,

Alas I am an ugly duckling

Wish I could hang to be free;

If I were a guy

I would seek flesh, ever sly,

If I were a girl

would never entice, hide beneath skirts, never twirl;

Don’t ask me what am I then, why so bitter?

for the confused mad mind has no gender;

If a mad mind’s all wishes were to come true,

It would be hell on earth anew.

Diary (20/05/2018)

This is the second Diary entry from me. In the last entry from three months before I had mentioned the setting up of a lending library, it has been set up and there is only a lukewarm response so far.

I am in the process of setting up a restaurant in my hometown. But  most importantly like most bloggers I too share a passion and also an ambition for writing. In my case my ambition is to be an author of popular fiction novels. I am in the process of writing the manuscript of a children’s novel. I intend to publish and see it as a printed book.

I am sharing the first eleven chapters for your valuable feedback and suggestions.