What tune strummed

What tune strummed on the guitar,
it isn’t a melody springing melancholy,
why shouts he throat hoarse, what despair,
the crowd dances in joy with words unholy;

Oh, this is the famous rock concert,
I shy, don’t dance but clap hands with vigour,
I didn’t catch the words even with effort,
I enjoyed the music though without rigour;

she would have loved this for sure,
but she has left me never to return,
a deep hole in my heart without cure,
I too knew romance, enough to burn;

is a song bird more beautiful than this,
is it right of me to thus compare,
neither can soothe me, for she I sorely miss,
magical the world was when we were a pair;

she was a monster and I her meal,
or was it the other way around,
whatever it was I got a raw deal,
painfully lonely in madness bound. 

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