Stop the rhyme 
for though beautiful 
now beyond welcome.

Stop the race
for though motivating for some,
pain for those facing crippling defeat.

Stop deceit
for you were not clever in your con
but he magnanimous to let you.

Stop glorifying romance
though uplifting and addictive
it is still a mundane obsession. 

Stop for the song birds sing
hear in it only the silence of nature
interspersed with soft sounds. 

Stop at the shop
for even poets have needs to fill
who knows a treasure might await.

Stop the pace
where headed hectic?
why so busy?

Stop smoking, stop ranting,
stop raving, stop immaturity,
stop everything and start anew.

Start love, Start a joyful forbearance,
a new start to lighten your load, 
smile and start happiness though the end be near. 

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