I feel more than a thousand

I feel more than a thousand years old,
where the old centurions seem little kids,
the youth mere infants with tales yet to unfold,
heavy with mirth strive to keep open eyelids;

my clinically mad life here a lost and found game,
most of it lost in craziness or laziness insatiable,
yet between a hazy, salty life is lived albeit tame,
but the end game is far away, I will turn the table;

each passing day I get more meaningful and wise,
even silly, wild, lazy me is turned active and mature,
self loathing dies slowly and I will not seek to entice,
I shall dance with joy and rejoice beauty’s rapture;

yet I shall never cease to rhyme till end of time,
I shall love all and sundry even if it be a crime. 

8 thoughts on “I feel more than a thousand

      1. I am a thousand years old, more like 37, completed studies long back. You r a true firefly you lifted my spirits up when i got dissuaded about this blog. I am like a kid far immature than you. LOL. Keep blogging and keep rocking. Your cartoon was amazing how did u do it. I wanna try.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha! 37 is so much better than a thousand! Oh really, did I? I did nothing. Haha, everyone has that little kid within, just trying to keep it alive. So, cheers to idiocy!! 😛
        Thankyou so much. Try the Sketch- draw and paint app. Hope you’ll find it interesting.


      3. Haha, that’s completely okay. The About page is there for a reason afterall. I hope you didn’t find it boring. Don’t know how to present myself like an interesting person, cause I’m really not. 😂


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