Simple mind

Gifted you folks of simple mind,

no heavy thoughts drag you down,

you are non-judgemental and far too kind,

you find easy company and go to town;

If only I can be a fly on your shirt tails,

roaming the world far and away with ease,

rather than being stuck here like door nails,

suffocating solitude wiped by a friendly tease;

my scribbling verses far too mechanical,

creative spark dies and it is beauty’s funeral,

I don’t live but exist, a compounding chemical,

this bugs my mind but you got joys several;

you sip your juice while I search for a mango,

more the merrier, yet takes lat east two to tango.

2 thoughts on “Simple mind

  1. Woah, so dark, so intense. 😦 Don’t know how to comment on such works, but I was awed by that fly and nail thing. It really struck me so hard. What’s stopping you? Every line is like it’s dipped into sadness and hopelessness first and then put on paper.


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