Her gaze fell, waves rose to softly touch sole,
fresh breeze, aroma of drizzling cloudy sky,
alone from chaotic world and her hectic role,
welcome thunder and lightning from high,
a raging fire in belly and desire in heart,
she was like the elements unpredictable,
wanting to wipe slate clean, have fresh start,
promised him, yet he no longer loveable,
so many now strike forcefully Cupid’s dart,
his lustre, charm eroded making love untenable;

locked inside, thirsting company, idle as always,
he cursed the rains that washed away his plans,
cited rains to avoid, she prettier than Grecian vase,
she was a gift from god that he held in tight dance,
when thought all lost, no romance, she came bright,
and wiped away all his heavy guilt and solitary pains,
ignited with puppy eyes a flame of rapturous delight,
sitting beside her, he won’t trade for all world’s gains,
caught in love he smothered her without respite.
she started accusing him, she that ran in his veins;

she danced crazy in the rain like a newborn free of guilt,
called him to announce the breakup as gentle as can be,
free at last, to frolic and dance outside castles men built,
a free spirit to be locked in the golden cage where stood he,
he broken and distraught to the extent he begged her a lot,
didn’t mind his pride being squashed, he tried to cling,
the mind fuddled, grief grasped, emotions ran a riot,
where seek sweet company, how to take new wing,
now that he knew romance, how forget, he was caught,
who’ll care and weep for him, even time can’t douse the sting.

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