A Gravatar image

A Gravatar image that could win photo contests,
Who blessed you with this cute baby face?
a face that launched this humble mischief post,
a divine smile etched in mind, can’t easily erase;

just snatched out of pram you write love poems,
Is it allowed? Is it appropriate for a child?
Who am I to talk on propriety? Who am I kidding?
this post might be inappropriate though mild;

Or is it that I am getting far older,
losing out in talent to kids half my  age,
this is the boldest so far as my blog goes,
with maturity far beyond mine holds her page;

forgive me fair child if limits exceeded,
I fought hard with my pen but it succeeded.

[ This poem was inspired by the Gravatar image of Gunjan Sethi and her poems too. ]


8 thoughts on “A Gravatar image

  1. Woahh! Such an innocent face this is. And I could feel those words, I’m quite a senior on WordPress too. 😛 And when newbies arrive and work wonders, I’m just spellbound!!


    1. Everyone thinks I am referring to the baby face in my featured image. While actually alluding to a fellow blogger, a girl of maybe your age. Now it might be taken wrongly or not. I felt it and so wrote it.

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