Crash, burn

Crash, burn, play havoc for idle dreams soon die,

why shy now after your dreams lost all your dignity,

claim it and fight for it and never give up for anyone’s cry,

it is now or never, with your lazy mirth raze the city;

have guts, funds locked with family and friends,

feels cheap to beg or haggle for money,

be stubborn and ask for your due after making amends,

you fed with failure’s tonic might just taste honey;

take a gamble and make a final plunge,

win or lose you would have tried,

if refused this then alone lunge,

for then it would have been better to have died;

victory over my dreams shall be mine,

for I will no longer wither and pine.



A strong breeze

A strong breeze has thrown me astray,

while folks around face fierce storms with courage,

their lives a tribute to hard work everyday,

I am defeated and lazy and don’t even rage;

fate pitted the weak me against heavyweights,

after years of idleness and isolation,

I was forced to work striving for the heights,

and I chose the easy way out unmindful of humiliation;

not the first time I quit but that all say was my last bus,

I’d rather be under a bus instead of being a perennial failure,

though brief I too tasted glory before all the fuss,

than real life dreams have me in their lure;

the magnanimous wide world has space for all

yet none in the hearts of people for those who fall.