Boom Times

Boom times drench all with golden showers but I in depression,

starved for long my hungry dreams need money big time,

I grumble and stumble while the world earns in precision,

curious lofty dreams beyond capture of an unworthy rhyme;

give me a few thousand and I shall play the fool and sing,

I shy to speak shall make song noise from my hoarse throat,

give me a thousand more and I shall dance in a ring,

I shall run naked for money to climb my dream boat;

Oh devil where are you? I’ll sign any contract for my dream,

Give me my dream and I’ll readily die the very next day,

I am all alone with my dreams sans any support team,

I curse sun to scorch itself so I don’t face another failed day;

people die but my dreams don’t only if I would die,

should I beg, lie, steal and plunder to grasp the dreams high?




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