Journey Half Done

Journey half done when there was a pause. Rested a while stretching my limbs. For I was tired longing, carried around in the palanquin. Travelled on loving hands and shoulders as a baby and kid. Did walk on my two feet for a while as adult before crashing and burning. Accident prone, carried by others from then. Even dependent leaped time and again from shallow rock to rock or risked jump from a mountain, to grasp success, wiping away shame to justify existence. Alas, learnt too late I was to be forever failure’s child. Not a bad fate really, for more joy had resting in its shade than pining and tiring after success. Successful run hardest reaping benefits. Yet know the hut of happiness opens to both the same. Accepting defeat and solitude without life partner, leave no legacy in the form of heir or achievement or a lifetime of work to benefit others. My life view is a disaster but it is my all. Imparting it will be a treachery I dare not cast upon my vilest foe. Long back scribbled verses advising my daughter of my dreams. Words cast forth were alien to my being yet attempt to dissuade her from my fate or fate I wished for and implore her to a path world scorned. This counsel may be idiocy yet can be held in the recess of mind as one goes through life. An alternate never pursued yet ever held and used in need.

Focused toiling ants feed, so do hopping grasshoppers,

slow, steady tortoises may win, as fast, lazy hares lose,

what if hare’s nap worth the prize of tortoise toppers,

accept reality, never chase, for joyous the cruise.


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