Swamped, my house with muddy green moss,

evidence of long gone rain with water receded,

never far from house, mused surely other homes be in same pause,

how my home became a house? my heart pleaded;

where laughter gone from my home heard far away?

is it brief lull? will joy of bygone days fill haunted walls again?

is expectation my bro pushing us to worth the sway?

I who make all laugh can’t make him smile and dubbed cause of our strain;

I pleaded happiness worthier than cause, pledged duty to ability in vain,

we need the rains to fill the wells though dicey,

even swamped and flooded wrecking with pain,

we can’t live without it or with it is idiocy;

we find ways to live with or without it, do without fuss and gain,

be happy making hay in sunshine or paper boats in rain.

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