Wishful Public Thinking – Wish 1

I am like you, a bit less for not striving to reach my potential. But this isn’t about me. I strive to understand any opposition as they come from some place sincere or even if they be other cynical justifications. In the south of India Hindu and Hindutva are not just polar opposites but are enemies. I understand the space for hindutva too and where it comes from unlike some liberal Hindus who treat hindutva as an abomination. Hinduism and Islam have thrived alongside thousands of years and will continue to do so even if it be with Hindutva on the side. This subject is connected to this very blog. It was the demolition of the Babri mosque and the killings that followed that spurred me, then a ten year old kid, to write his first verses. Two decades have passed even as the stigma of its aftermath linger on. Let others worry over what has been done. Has anyone passed to consider what could be done. I am not stating or proposing anything new but only voicing the thoughts of the moderates. Let there be a temple and masjid in the town while the disputed land having recreated in to a place for religious unity and national integration. The generation next has shown me its power with reinstating Jallikattu on a spontaneous whim. Someone spread the word and make true what is in the hearts of a majority of Indians to transform the disputed land now the responsibility of a government controlled trust in to a symbol of integration and build a mosque and temple side by side in the same town. Let there be even a mere empty space, a symbol of the travails withstood to let love win at last. This is mere wishful thinking. Let the gods above and humans below make it true.


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