The dam swelled

The dam swelled in torrential rains,

stopping for now the cursed floods,

not crumbled by overwhelming pains,

built at cost of many men’s bloods;

take one more he said and from the top fell,

not getting any wish including love chased,

stupid should have chosen a well,

for swept ashore battered and bruised;

gone mind, gone body, not burning soul,

tormented alone it begged for someone more,

restrained by ethics how to reach goal,

what use to end in uninhabited shore;

the world is cruel to all those loyal,

as the impostors become royal.





I reluctantly wanted

I reluctantly wanted to play wedded role,

not for enticing pleasure the bed had,

but tugged by pain of the solitary soul,

sadly the world judged unfit me mad;

no takers even as I ready for anyone less,

beggars can’t be choosers for me a lie,

in desperation I fixed my sight on a goddess,

vowed even if die not to let her pass by,

but how? not by madness or goodness;

atheist I bowed to god, nature and cosmos,

blessed by much but not her who I pine,

to get her no agony was a loss,

let world perish I want to make her mine;

as part of her clan thought had rightful claim on her,

kind not to force her, killed wedding from society to world’s horror.