Inconsistent shores

There he stood on a distant shore,

crowd cheering a death as usual,

life forgotten, old flavours gone,

what more he thought,

conquering death and love,

what next clock inside chimed,

what use being god?

What is it to be human?

a chant long denied

struck, he created fates

ruling all,

free will, choice,

some science, fun, too,

a choice ahead if relinquish godship,

he human again?

created droids n more,

fair to destroy all,

out of borredom? or more?

or for what?

what is god?

conquest of all lust?

myth and reality haunt?

dare kill or perish?

he cherished none,

none to cherish him?

neither human nor god,

neither living nor dead.

ways ahead?

Breath air or water?

not thought but done,

decided this inhuman human.


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