I am a single guy from Tamilnadu, South India who has tried to channelize his daydreams to have some form in the context of this blog. In real life I am quite a funny as well as fun loving person.

Samanyan in tamil means commoner. It is both an oxymoron and meaningful title when applied to this blogger. This blogger believes each hue of color in the spectrum has value. Individuals can be rounded excelling partly in several spheres or focused genius in one or more limited spheres. This blogger trapped in his own self is uncommon in thought but so very common when it comes to talent and actions.

The rest can be inferred from the blog as it evolves. A few poems can be found in Sundry Rhymes, blogger’s personal tastes and takes on all things life can be found in personal takes. For those of a lighter vein there is ‘Books and Movies’ and more. Also check out the novels and novellas section.

The blog is meant as a placeholder and also a showcase for all my ramblings and works.

Email – balatusk@gmail.com

Skype – balumacho@skype.com


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