Current behind screen person

In the era of heros like M.G.R and Sivaji, a director K.Balachandar (and Bharati Rajaalso) was setting trends as a director launching Kamal and Rajini. In era of Kamal and Rajini it was Manirathnam who used these heros too but was a pull factor even behind screens. In era of Ajith and Vijay who would be the one director who will last long with a career as these heros you reckon? I loved Iraivi and so Santhosh Subramanian and despite hating Petai laud him for trying Rajini and mainstream. Who will outlast these heros as directors behind the screens?


Indian Biopics – 1

Sometime back I saw the movie ‘Sardar’ a biopic on Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the Iron Man of India. It started a spate of my viewing Indian biopics of the freedom struggle and other post independence movies based on truth.

  1. Sardar


2. Shyam Benegal’s very factual and eloquent movie “Bose” in Hindi on Subhash Chandra Bose was real impressive.


3. Mangal Pandey, the rising, Hindi movie.

The Hindi biopic on Ambedkar.


4. Several Hindi versions of Bhagat Singh’s biopic is available.

5. Jinnah’s biopic

6. Periyar movie.

7. Bharati, the poet, Maha kavi.


The movies Gandhi, Kamaraj, Kappalotiya thamizhan, veera pandiya kattabomman, Bhag Milkha Bhag, Paan singh Tomar, Madras cafe are all based on true events and are a must see.




Debutant Directors- recent tamil movies


Debutant filmmakers bring with them a well spring of freshness in their movies. This post tracks down some such recent tamil movies by just outlining the subject and letting you decide if you need to watch it, if you already haven’t.

Vasantha Balan’s ‘Veyil’, Vetrimaran’s ‘Aadukalam’ and recently ‘Kaaka Muttai’ by Manikandan, all grabbed the audience’s attention.

‘Kutram Kadithal’ is a national award winning film by debutant Brahmma. The film revolves around the single incident of a teacher slapping a student. It attempts to capture varied characters and aspects of society. In short, determining the truly guilty isn’t as easy as the society seems to do.

‘Oru Naal Iravil’ is the directorial debut of film editor Antony starring Sathyaraj. The film is touted as a thriller by some, which it isn’t as understood by thriller genre fans. The movie is about a hypocritical father who doesn’t like his daughter socialising with boys and stops her education. This film also revolves around a single incident of the father getting trapped in a tricky situation that happens on a single night. This film though lacks content like ‘Kutram Kadithal’ but compensates by having the audience gripped by artificial suspense and other means that the director being an editor is well aware of.

‘Masala Padam’ by Laxman Kumar can be enjoyed by all audiences as it is a masala padam and yet a well thought movie. It revolves around 3 characters a thug, a simpleton and a lover boy and their interactions with the female protagonist. Siva as the simpleton middle class guy, portrayed funnily, is yet real. The same with lover boy who seems shallow at first glance, but in a single sequence is easily made identifiable with a rich spoilt archetype, with immense talent. The thug played by Bobby Simha is highlighted by letting actions speak, you live by the gun then you die by it as often said.

Director Arun’s ‘Sethupathy’ starring Vijay Sethupathy is funny like most of his movies. It is about a hero cop and a violent villain. It is a movie for the masses. But what caught my eye was the husband and wife relationship portrayed in the movie, it was too cool.