Familiar strangers

(All poems in school days’ Rhymes section were written in school days. This one is close to heart, reminiscent of that shy boy. Boys or girls, the shy have it hard. This poem was inspired by my reality, yet social consciousness and international Amity are underlying. )

Mysterious is the lure of the past,
though all early memories were lost,
when saw her the other day,
memories long forgotten held sway;

knew each other, yet none seemed to bother,
been together, seldom spoken,
this one of my dream wing’s many feather,
so many then, to rule heart no single Queen;

a heart wide as sky, needs many to lean,
when together under same roof,
learning lessons of life, was aloof,
wall between, to break, not too keen;

being shy, unheard went heart’s cry,
takes time to open wings and fly,
in full flight my magnificence seen,
yet what girl has patience to be so keen;

inhibitions posed many an obstacle,
which together might have been a tackle,
crushes last long than love, in end all lost,
forgotten such passion of the past;

at horizon, the sky and the sea,
so close they seem, yet so far apart,
so is the case of people’s heart,
of same roots, yet towards war glee;

like blades of same scissors,
cause each other pain and tears,
unwanted are these brothers,
for humanity and love who cares;

to deal with unknown strangers,
may possess several dangers,
but confusing the presence,
of familiar strangers;

heart yearns unity to go to past glory,
who knows what ends the sad story.


Fire invisible

(All posts in school days’ Rhymes section were done in my school days.)

No one saw it burn, no one felt it’s warmth,
but it grew each morn,
no one heard it’s breath,
but it was there somehow born;

even without fuel,
and with water all around,
after suffering the duel,
it nevertheless went ahead,
and became very cruel;

though it seemed vague,
shut inside the cage,
it spread like the plague,
with a wild rage,

was it too late, the heat unbearable,
efforts to stop in vain,
the nightmare was terrible,
it caused too much pain;

still none noticed the trouble,
no one knew it burn,
no one knew it’s warmth,
it grew with each morn;

no one heard it’s breath,
but the fire in me still burning.


Can live with a sorrow,
but not with an embarrassment,
can forget all the punishment,
this will haunt even tomorrow;

would like to hide the face in a burrow,
for that deed, shall forever repent,
not a cure for this ailment,
feel like a mummified Egyptian pharaoh,

some deeds get no laughs, felt right then,
but retrospectively the soul is ashamed,
in the past some stupid mistake done,
shadows follow to rest in grave engraved;

now that all is over,
laugh at oneself what fun,
but for a stupid yet evil deed,
better bury your head.

Love and Beauty

Where night ends, day begins,
every beginning has an end,
why is it? My love, my friend,
all waste to end in dustbins;

you are all my kith and kin,
beauty, love and affection blend,
my dirtied conscience,
rusted soul you rinse;

your eyelids open just to close,
but then opens freshly again,
in the seas the waves rose,
only to subside without any gain;

your beauty, youth, style and poise,
shall also end much to my strain.


[ As mentioned earlier, all attempts at poems made as a kid have only been included in the School days’ Rhymes section, those saved by my mom. As an act of rebellion I burnt all my poems and quit writing, when I found my mom had read them. These are the ones my mom had saved by making a copy. This, my second poem was written at the age of almost thirteen in my eighth grade. Social consciousness has no age bar.]

I am dull,
seeing the skull,
of innocent men rolling down,
the sacred town;

because of foolish men,
hearing the evil one,
commit many a sin,
in the name of religion;

is it the will of god,
that makes us sad,
it is the whim of man,
that makes us groan;

does hope remain,
that the hatred and pain,
the never ending tale,
will one day anchor it’s sail.

Selfish Giant

What weird puzzle to try,
a stone or a heart ran dry,
self possessed, deaf to others’ cry,
in a selfish world thoughts fly;

suspicious, self piteous, stupid, shy,
revolting civilization and society’s pry,
frustrated by routine and common fry,
still the need to share strongly weigh;

unheard is the heart’s stammer,
unseen the glow of the new moon,
giggling at the thoughtless murmur,
fun filled invisible shadow at noon;

unable to learn world’s grammar,
is giant’s thoughts thorns in dune.

My Garden

Once we had a nice garden,
flower bushes, fruit trees all around,
everywhere planned greenery surround,
planted by my forefathers then;

in fear of stepping a green someone,
one never walks on the ground,
we children then were astound,
seeing carpet of rose, orange or lemon;

they tamed the wild forest green,
to create the green so mild,
but my brothers and I’ve been,
bent on destroying green world, wild;

now the barren desert seen,
has stolen the smile of my child.