Warrior – Midwife’s Daughter – 1

Surveyed from atop hill the lush green valley below,

reddening by the moment with blood of battle,

warring world, yet he at peace till now forced low,

not his war, yet to reach her must kill all in his way, human cattle;

she, he fixed in his mind as wife a while ago,

when he decided to marry disavowing bachelorhood,

as loneliness begged and society shunned single’s ego,

jubilant at married prospect, not knew had to hunt for that food;

there was a manhunt for him as he chased his to be bride,

but he killed no man, only men, powerful ones,

to take her against her will, failed begging her family swallowing pride;

her guardian a powerful general seeking a prince for her,

she a kid not knowing right from wrong,

he unfit to marry any girl had no choice but to grab his wonder,

barely knew her yet can’t turn, fought in her name battles long;

this was his frank war in a cunning world, his first and last,

he a goat forced in to a lion by a world of hyenas and foxes,

this wonder girl wasn’t the midwife’s daughter, that dream past,

planned life success, did zilch, now on way to his wonder ticked old boxes;

had claim to wonder girl from long dead ancestors,

that started his battles chasing her to reach this hill top,

no mountains scaled yet, no longer playing kid but playing fighter,

but choosing responsibility first time, this game started, till end can’t stop,

as warrior now, can battle back to unclaimed mid wife’s daughter;

yet didn’t sway as descended hill alone with a mad roar,

loved few but only to mid wife’s daughter proposed,

rejected till accepted, yet incomplete without kids to soar,

yet farewell due, bodies fell left and right in his charge as he love mused;

he had no direction to go but forward, however tough the path,

wonders chosen and made so by worthy beholder,

yet is it worth to go this far for a whim to cause this blood bath,

no love song to grab girl, he spurned and spurred by society got bolder;

(to contd. if in mood)

Will a restless soul

Will a restless soul find peace?
a lone wanderer shall always tire,
lost within like withered trees,
who will light his funeral pyre?

alone in his madness he walks,
never a part of a greater whole,
no company, to himself he talks,
longs for imprint of another soul;

how end his solitary foray,
who will stand by his side,
all pass through, none stay,
he walks with a sturdy stride;

life has tossed him to drift away,
must fight to reconquer his way.

I churn my inner desires

I churn my inner desires,
to forge a worthy creation,
that shall quell my fires,
to gain deep appreciation;

each day goes without progress,
but the fire to share consumes,
worried, in to old ways I regress,
depressed, mind burnt in fumes;

hoping some day my song be heard,
I sing alone in painful isolation,
in sea of chaos where find my word,
not even a few to give me consolation;

but I keep walking spewing my words,
hoping they’ll sprout wings to fly like birds.

Heavenly girl

The hill was steep and high, viewed from the bottom,
yet when conquered, from atop, seemed tiny as a dot,
slippery path, challenges, where hurdles sprung from?
yet we climb in packs, and alone, for left behind is to rot;

some content rested down, while others climbed quickly,
yet some like me stopped halfway, those in pack carried,
solitary as I was, didn’t have that luxury, bowed meekly,
how long to loiter in a limbo, my weak heart beats varied;

the journey was tiring, yet sweet so far, I’ve really come far,
for these heights tiny for life climbers, but lofty for me fresher,
oh, birds of high trees don’t weep for me, a failed fallen star,
what use my life been, late lament, to be put to the thresher;

I waited, waited long and silent, for some beast to tear a piece,
then a heavenly girl, out worldly said, come with me in peace.

Black tin can

There at the back of the overflowing busy shop, 
in the top shelf far too high, seldom ransacked,
stood a long black tin can all alone without warp,
I knew not what it was or what beauty it packed;

it stood alone as other goods were sold and brought,
dust gathered on its body, the poor can left untouched,
each day I went I prayed silently that the can be bought,
found a warm home where it was put to use as beseeched;

 but I found it standing deathly still begging for attention,
I wondered why isolated and why created, for what use,
what dreams it held, were they lofty and above its station,
why stuck thus in a limbo and not discarded to refuse;

he weeped at me and asked me without words to take him home,
h I both of a kind, all alone yet without freedom to roam.  

I was born alone

Are all scribblings by me veiled attempts to find another soul that will walk by me for a while at least. Am I in denial and hiding the fact that being single hurts me. But I enjoy the freedom of it and am happy about it. The deers dance, rabbits rumble and run, and even snakes shed skin to become new inspired and happy about my enjoying alone. Freedom is a decree closest to my heart and all my married friends envy me and not the other way round. Yet the soul by its very nature seeks another soul, a soulmate. Why one soul? Being single I can be a collector of souls, a relation weak perhaps but would suffice.

I was born alone but won’t end that way,

and alone with helping minds was this magical wordy fortress built,

not kids, but it will be my legacy that lasts.

A day like this

A day like this ended a year before
without cheer or much uproar,
it tore my heart even then
to be locked alone in this pen;
if love and romance is sweet nectar
being unloved and single is worse than tar,
a fact hammered down one’s throat
on each valentine’s day, a severe drought;

this day too shall pass like others,
yet the intense pain, none surpass;
as the day dawns, so does the truth
that forever alone will I be, uncouth;

yes, love transcends romance
but how and who will end my lonely dance.


I am a kid

I am a kid that never grew up,
never could do chores on my own,
dreams are gone, now empty cup,
peace at last, no skill to be shown;

now saw out of my safe glass house,
true love and joy, where no money was,
daily gather, simple feast, without grouse,
here grand dinner alone, what profit or loss;

yet he wants here, I want there,
all want money, bull or bear,
please hear, after life’s wear and tear,
won’t count money, rather your cheer;

don’t heed him, it is a poor wolf’s cry,
smile a lot, laugh aloud and hold high.

I sit here alone

I sit here alone
musing to myself
as silence echoes the night.

For days together
save for an odd word
here and there
with a solemn shopkeeper
my tongue is tied.

What do I want?
Money in my kitty.
Success celebrity.
Be loved as I am.

A whisper sought
this desperado,
said queen of diamonds
will beat you
queen of hearts, best bet.

Queen, diamond or hearts
not for us failures
who’ve played our hand
and lost unto the cons
who rule this world
all in the name of love
or call it kindness.

Try again, a chorus heard.
How many times.
How many ways.
The world quit us
yet we won’t quit life.

The journey goes
and so will we
for we made a vow
to stay till the end.