Why suicide?

Why suicide? when can murder,

not a metaphor,

this craving human fur,

rock the world asunder;

revenge better than pity, try,

destroy who but god high,

how kill god you ask and sigh,

kill humans here and there he cry;

don’t rush, not yet, hold the rage,

build the blood lust till it is courage,

build it in work and passion wage,

ignore cat calling worthless sewage;

someday will fly high your banner,

if ready to work with any spanner.

செவ்வுள்ளம் (Red soul)

(This is a tamil poem but english paraphrase but not translation is given below. Once my dad wrote a page long poem spending great time and showed me and I after admiring it flipped the page and fastly scribbled these four lines.)

அந்தி மறுகும் செவ்வானம் அழகெனினும்,

பிந்தய நினைவுகளில் மிஞ்சி சிவக்கும் உள்ளம்,

இன்று தொற்றேன் என அகிலம் பறயாற்றும் ஆனால்,

வென்று நின்றேன் அவ்வானை என் கிறோத கனலினிலே.

Though the twilight pining red sky is beautiful,

old thoughts exceed as the soul reddens,

today I lost, the world may decree,

yet I stood conquering the sky with my red hot anger.

The fire invisible

No one saw it burn,
no one felt its warmth,
but it grew with each morn,
no one heard its breath,
but it was there somehow born,
even without fuel,
and with water all around,
after suffering the duel,
it nevertheless went ahead,
and became very cruel,
though it seemed vague,
shut inside the cage,
it spread like the plague,
with a wild rage,
was it too late,
the heat was unbearable,
efforts to stop were in vain,
the nightmare was terrible,
it caused too much pain,
still no one noticed the trouble,
no one knew it burn,
no one knew its warmth,
it grew with each morn,
no one heard its breath,
yet the fire in me is still burning.

Comic rage

I hate you. I hate you with all my guts.

Don’t come near me. Don’t dare ever touch me again.

You who can follow in thousands and like in hundreds the stupid health, webinars and other monetary and corporate blogs, why do you treat me shabbily thus, my blog.

Do you know or care at all about the painstaking efforts I have put in to you.

If I had put the same efforts in chasing girls I would now have a string of dozen or more girlfriends.

I forsake everything for you. I didn’t ask for the high heavens. A comment now and then, a few follows and likes always is what I asked from you.

I understand that I post faster than you can respond. But that just shows the commitment I have given you. Respond by taking your time with me and visit older posts.

I am not joking, I am serious. I am going to take some time away from you. Reward me amply from now onwards.


I am near

I am near
tearing my hair
running unclothed in the streets
not shouting eureka
for i’ve found nothing
not myself
a needle in this haystack.

My heart spews outrageous thoughts
at the obscene reality
that is me
and this world.

Poetry, art and beauty are tender.
World a splendor. Love is tender.
Not my reality. May be my blunder.
Yet will never cheat, bow low or plunder.

World says truly
life is a struggle
freedom a bubble
we all surrender
you’re no wonder.

I know I am down under
won’t say I don’t need your support.
Yet will never let a lending hand
lead my way.
I would rather drown.

Why such anger
inner frustrations
pointy fingers.
So what, all that counts
is where it flows.

Its rivulets join streams
and the majestic river formed
shall capsize mountains.
Dawn of a new civilization.

I am near
and so are you
let us join hands
to make the dream true.

Samanyan Tidbits

1. Google wasn’t the most efficient search engine when it came on the scene, it didn’t invent the search box either, altavista and others were far ahead. What Google did was to have only the search box and move out the junk. Deciding, what was then deemed essential, as junk, is the innovation of Google. This is an example of imposed constraint as opposed to inherent constraint.

2. Twitter wasn’t the first micro blogging site either but they limited the maximum characters and that is Twitter’s innovation that made it happen, at least initially. Another example of a forced constraint.

3. “Who calls the shots, the Prime Minister or the Cabinet, the director or the star actor, the boss or the skilled worker, still not sure, then look up and concede that ‘he’ calls the shots.”

4.  ” Life is one editor that has no undo option, but don’t worry, there’s too much stuff around; that neither your mistakes nor excellence matter.”

5. “Genius like Ilayaraja can have ‘Nothing but Wind’ for all others there is nothing but work or  love or work and love; no other choices.”

6 “For those who wonder why God is unkind, he isn’t, he is just kind to all, and that’s the world’s problem. It falls upon man to be kind discerningly, a feat beyond me.”

7. “When it comes to your life plans, realize that there is a better editor than you, who knows what to cut, where to cut and how to show you in a better light.”

8. “You can either love your work or work for your love, if not, you’re unfit to either work or love.”


9. “I my fault,
you my heart,
he I care,
she I crave,
they are gone,
will there be we?”

10. “I can take on an angry mob but not an angry person, in case of an angry mob, I can be sure I am in the right, taking them on is a victory in itself, doesn’t matter if I live or they, in case of an angry person, if I lose, concept of goodness loses with me, and I am not vengeful enough to seek redress retrospectively, thus harming the cause of justice further”