An army of men

An army of men I got,

it all came unsought,

not had by many that bought,

why crave army of women tart?

not sexual though I a pervert,

but to satiate childhood introvert,

that fought to become this extrovert,

though shattered my fort;

an army to make,

and not break,

who better than girls that don’t fake,

an army of girls I’ll leave in my wake;

an army to defeat hell’s wrath,

to make heaven of this earth.





I am prophecied

I am prophecied to lead an army of women,

who love and serve me true,

but what of the woman I love Zen,

he replied with a wink and smile drew;

my girls will win the world for me,

but by the time they appear, she may disappear,

nothing impossible for my girls, conquer all I see,

them I see daily, she I can’t see or hear;

for me they did murders and beyond,

made me richest in wealth and power,

yet can they with her me bond,

or am I fated to purr at her like cat forever;

fate is of cosmic river but one stream,

hate it and will soar with each stream.

I challenge God

I challenge God,

defeat him I must,

as his minions lord,

I betray, broke the trust;

today fulfil my quest,

with my work severe,

overcome many a test,

his magical head I sever;

how I defeat him you wonder,

an army of women I summon,

they obey and are my thunder,

I not human but styled demon;

they share not my plunder,

yet bear all my vile blunder.

When I am general

When I am general many things will happen,

even meaningless battles may cease with effort,

but one thing certain, I will never forget my first batallion,

worthy lieutenant or soldiers who for me took hurt;

I dream an army of women, my wish their command,

it was dreamt real and shall happen even if the world stills,

as such dreams of mine are prophecies from a divine hand,

all got skills of a general, risk death each instant like me none wills;

An army at my hand and not conquest my objective,

yet to feed army and its dreams many conquests needed,

Why? I want to give, have little other reasons to live,

a kinder general to soldiers you can’t find even as enemies weeded;

a fighter is made and I came out of world’s scorn,

when I am general the world would wish I was never born.

Oh blog

Oh blog, you were all I needed,
content playing within your boundary,
like not suffice, for love I pleaded,
intend to leave you alone as obituary;

hope to raise an army from within your walls,
to toil and wear, my words like gospel spread,
can hear the jeering ridicule and catcalls,
yet shall find my brave three hundred;

your time and my effort shall soar soon,
an edifice of words built brick by brick,
that takes you to and fro from the moon,
not a stunt pulled or lure of a cheap trick,

but some magic that will stand the test of time,
now and ever pronounced the immortal rhyme.