Tested you will

Tested you will be on belief,

call of duty or of god,

if believe there is no thief,

you’ll be pushed to thieve and fraud;

money best bet said Ayn Rand,

if so you’ll be forced to stoop,

to beg, borrow or steal to stand,

you’ll never be let out of the loop;

you unreal can’t stop reality,

illusion and myths others shatter,

not fool you, so live in brevity,

you not special so don’t flatter;

yet you are the one for this task,

do it chosen or forsaken, never bask.


Popular Novels to Read

Most of the novels mentioned here would have been read by a majority of folks. Yet you might have missed a few and the new and upcoming readers can benefit from this blog.

The God Father‘ by Mario Puzo is a cult classic. It is about the underworld or the American Mafia and a Don of old codes and values in a seemingly value less society.

The Sicilian’ another novel by Mario Puzo is about an Italian bandit in modern times.

The Fortunate Pilgrim’ by Mario Puzo is about a matriarch who steers her family in tough times.

Ayn Rand calls the philosophy objectivism and yet it is nothing varied from capitalism. Her two novels ‘The Fountain Head’ and ‘Atlas Shrugged’ are eye openers and transform you in to very strong advocates of Capitalism, Individualism and the other tenets like liberty that America stands for.

Jeffrey Archer novels can be picked up with confidence. They not only entertain but are definitive works on certain spheres. They inspire you to reach heights as reached by characters in his novels. ‘Kane and Abel’, ‘Fourth Estate’, ‘First among Equals’ and ‘Shall we tell the President’ are some of his engrossing works.

Sidney Sheldon is another popular author whom we can enjoy with ease. His ‘If tomorrow comes’ and ‘Rage of the Angels’ are some of his noteworthy novels.

Arthur Haley does meticulous research and doesn’t fail to add them all in his novels. His novels can be a means to get useful insider insights in to some niche areas. His ‘Hotel’, ‘Final Diagnosis’, ‘Wheels’, ‘Airport’ and ‘Evening News’ are all capable of transferring us in to the worlds of the businesses.

Irving Wallace writes novels with sensuality and his ‘Seven Minutes’ novel is the definitive novel against censorship.

‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran though a non-fiction work is a classic work with poetic language that delves on life in general.

I’ve made a post Classics Adored earlier that delves on English classic books one should read.

I’ll try to put book reviews of each of these novels in future blog posts. Please add your suggestions in the comments section.

Happy reading.


Capitalism, fairest of all.

What does America stand for? What is our American dream? (am Indian, what a chameleon)

Washington, Jefferson, Emerson and other forefathers on whose thoughts the union came about was built on individual liberty and freedom of enterprise. A different thought arose with other nations and died with time. Now the capitalistic thought echoed by Nietzsche and strengthened and spread by Rand is the only theory standing.

As people become tyrants with time so do concepts get corrupted and touted wrongly by its champions to become tyrants in newer times.

At the time of the great depression Keynesian economics worked gradual wonder in the form of big public projects and money pumped into the hands of the common man who in turn revived the economy. This isn’t a fall out of capitalism.

All those sipping coffee in the canteens of MBA grad houses discussing politics and economics, have you wondered of other things.

Why was and where has gone the hippie generation. Oh! there are always some streakers around, but why paint peace on their body and stand before the Capitol. What is the reason.

Yes we may have a lot of psychotic reasons to do such crazy things. Don’t you?

Money, pent house or even better lifestyle for your asthmatic mom may be your motivation, we look only at what you stand for, industry, and we respect you for that.

Dare to look beyond the façade of protesters and look at what we stand for, fairness. Fair chance, fair competition and a fair fight if it had to be that. Fair chance for the third world countries, fair chance for the less moneyed and unconnected right here in America, may be some day a fair world.

In the 2008, hundreds of billions of dollars in the bill to help the sinking banking sector, passed on to redeem dubious investments of the big businesses, especially these minimum utility high paid paper pushers. The increased taxes fell on the fair players. This was the 5th time the government had to finance private players. Salomon brothers the biggest of the bailed out has then been in a scandal where it has hidden loss figures of dubious firms making America a laughing stock across the world. I don’t want to make ignorant comments on this. But this wasn’t what Rand envisaged.

In effect a perfect scratch back system is in place, you scratch mine and I scratch yours and the rest discarded. They call this capitalism now. Then may be the time has come to end it or reinvent it.

My crown, I suffer most

My god, am I in the right place or should I say great Rand why am I here. Now more than ever I believe that I should have made Rand my god instead of keeping an open mind and seeking greater or other truths.

Most of my posts are inspired from the blog world. I believe they not only represent the world but also the brighter side of it. Let us say Ayn Rand believed that abilitities and skills should decide an individual’s position and not his needs. Also emphasized individual’s rights over weighed the collective and lot many things.

Here everyone is selling something, that is okay, most are trying to cash in on their weaknesses and afflictions which I know to be genuine. I don’t believe in fakes. In short pity and their needs are being sold like hot cakes. This is symptomatic of the modern world’s greatest affliction to exploit others generosity or compassion, which in turn comes from the need to ease guilt.

Helen Kellers of the world aren’t known for their affliction, some know them for what they did despite that, we know her for what she did beyond that. Here some revealing their short comings pitifully, yet go beyond that to reveal great talent of immense measure and are not even interested in money and want only sharing. All I ask is why? But why the pitiful pitch?

Who am I to ask this? In talent and skill I am unfit to kiss the dust that the foot of these giants have tread on. I too have an affliction that has crashed my life several times over, yet I can’t give that as an excuse as I have seen people with far greater afflictions do greater things. I am at the bottom of the dog pile and Ayn Rand’s theory has no space for the likes of us, it is about inspiring to reach heights. Even from the bottom i don’t grudge Rand’s theory.

It is in the arena of political and economic power that change is needed and a need based approach is needed in specific areas to create a level playing field. It is in this area that I hope to run with Che in the opposite direction to Ayn Rand. But remember the Ches of the world will never cringe show me mercy, I have needs, I have a love, I have Tanya, so please spare me.

Despite all this I not only understand but have a strong urge, need to share my affliction, agony, pain, in that process hear another’s sojourn there, cry on each other’s shoulders.

Yet that cannot be a claim for my need or even my love (very lately realized).

In short let us pause for the whiners and respect the doers and whine little ourselves and try to do more.

And the winner is…

As a young and gracious person, it doesn’t matter what berth I book in a train, I always end up in the upper berth. For how can I refuse the old, I do give them space. I have to use the restroom often at night, but I don’t tell them that. There are some who don’t do even these little things.

As a man, I do all the legwork for girls who ask, driving in crazy unknown city lanes that I don’t normally do. I give them space to take rest and ease.

As an old person I’m sure I’ll be giving space to the headstrong young to find their place in this world.

By popular notion, when will a person have a space of his own? The answer is simple, when he has a need for his own.

So people say I got a wife and kid, I got a bad leg, I’m mentally disturbed and claim space. This need based world is what Ayn Rand fights to the core. But the flaw in an ability based system is what ability and by what standards, and why the chance to develop the ability was never given to a broad section of people.

So after this, what am I going to say new. Nothing. Life is like a race between the hare and the tortoise, but forget the moral about who will win the race, for what if they ran in different directions. We gotta race, for what else are we here. But never judge others harshly and utter callous words, thinking it is for their good.

What direction I am running is in the About section, but it is those running in the opposite direction that I respect and admire, for it is they who set my pace.

Believe in

Some of us believe in man as the ideal and the ideal man (even if it be not trending now). It isn’t about believing ourselves ideal. It is about believing in an ideal and living life that way. It isn’t about being impractical either. If you sink to depths for fake pleasure and platitudes, only you will know the costs and also you might not have a true sense of achievement and pride. Yet if you live truly giving the best, then you will feel mountain high even in abyss. As Ayn Rand says you’ll feel it isn’t the earth carrying you but rather it is anchored at your feet by your strength.

Ignorant hatred

Ayn Rand, the name reverberates even today, and shall for eons to come. For those that don’t know her, she is the one shaping the modern world and the way we live. She is to capitalistic thought as Che Guevara is to socialistic actions. She abhorred the Indian mystics more than the communists. She must have based her opinion on a few mystics who led her to believe that spiritualism was fatalistic. She stood for human supremity in thought and action. Her hatred is far from the truth, as all of Rand’s notions have place in Indian spiritual texts. A poem and prose, abstractions and concrete, are different. A thousand concretes can be derived from an abstraction yet only the concretes are of the most direct use to society. Ayn Rand’s concrete objectivism is most valid to the modern world with exceptions. Even the remote exceptions are taken care of in divine thought or spiritual abstraction.

Firstly, Ayn Rand’s projection of the ideal man, Howard Roark, in Fountain head, whose passion and commitment to excellence in his work is such that, he isn’t after money or fame, but stands for truth, value and work. With this a fool could try to argue it is about work and excellence that Rand emphasises and not ego and thus equate Rand with the Gita where Krishna clearly exhorates Arjuna to do his duty, without passion. Except for the lack of ego and passion in the Gita, Rand and the scripture are in perfect cohesion. But that would be a lie as Rand clearly exonerated ego and selfishness. The equaliser comes not from Rand but the scripture Gita, which states if one can’t disengage from one’s ego, it is still okay to do one’s duty with great ego and passion.

The next is deduction. In Atlas shrugged people who mattered and moved the world, withdrew from it and the world crumbles. In mythology God Shiva withdraws from the world, this can be construed to be just ascetism, but the world around him loses warmth and freezes when he withdraws.

This isn’t to belittle or equate things, this is to show things to open your mind, to spiritualism, socialism or capitalism, there is always some value in honest ideas and seeming polarities also have things in common.

I ain’t a failure

I ain’t a failure,
you live in this world,
intrigued by its lure,
I just got no hold;

I live light years away,
yet you’re my neighbor,
I need your love and labour,
for where I live, easily led astray;

I thought I got talent,
so I was never prudent,
saw everyone’s talent,
gush in awesome torrent;

seeing minds more potent,
lost heart, though never lament,
happy to see, happy to savor,
their fine wisdom and fresh flavor;

I grapple with the within I,
yet still hold Ayn Rand high,
my cause, opposite, yet still pure,
never dare me, vilest failure;

for I call for death and defy life’s succour,
shall bring change to all with Che’s vigour.

When you got no control…


This is a stream of consciousness directed by rational thoughts and irrational personal perceptions that can be inferred from the context.

I went to the house of a spiritualist with an atheist. Both are old and wise, only the young mistake impudence for intelligence. They enquired about my health and life and listened to my chatter and there was nothing said of god or science. The atheist left and the spiritualist took me to a share auto stand. I said I’ll go by individual auto and not share auto as I didn’t mind. I came by share auto and listened to some mediocre song that reminded me of Ilayaraja on the way.

My ‘belief system’ as Sruthi Hassan addressed to actor Kamal Hassan instead of using just the word belief is as follows. It is just ashes to ashes after death which is final, there is no rebirth, hell or heaven, or even a god after death. Yes, certainly ‘no god, after death’. Ayn Rand, Kamal Hassan and all dravidian atheists who are motivated more by social Justice rather than Science alone, and a few others might subscribe to this. Einstein and his God have no part in this.

Science has descended to the level of speculation or more correctly popular perception of science has become so decadent and untenable. There can be no question about Nobel Laurette Feynman’s Science but with his popular personal interviews that have no credibility with science, he has made science the loser. At least Einstein clearly demarcated his science and his beliefs. Let us take one brief example. This might sound rational but needs further querying and I will be coming to this later. For now let us assume a mere speculation on incomplete logic and not science. Relativity is very real. Relativity of Time and space are also real under strict definitions of both. Black holes are a real scientific hypothesis based on acknowledged axioms or assumptions. Time travel and time space warps aren’t even science fiction but pure imagination.

Simply put relativity of time says that at the speed of light, two observers, say one inside and one outside, perceive the same event at different points of time. This might mean that by some weird causality the very same holographic patterns of the past might be rendered intact or be rendered like a 3d movie several light years away, now this is science fiction. This doesn’t alter the fact that the said event can happen only once. Going back to the Big Bang, or the assertion of the black hole cannot alter this fact. Time travel is like calling the photo, the man. No causality can cause the physical matter in the said state to exist somewhere else, even that un eventuality can be called a clone, but it is an un eventuality.

Saying god made the apple to fall on Newton’s head isn’t nice. But saying God made Newton claim discovering Gravity, Gravity and all other things are by God is different. It is a question of belief. The Church was wrong to hold the earth as the centre or to have called Darwin a liar. But if it is held God made Sun the Centre and led the church to believe and claim wrongly all along is a different story.

Ayn Rand despises mediocrity, and the loyal, true Eddie Willers was left to rot and perish in the real world in Atlas Shrugged by reason of mediocrity alone, is very true. Fountain Head is a different story, where Mike a lowly plumber who knows his job and respects Roark for knowing his job, is allowed to exist. It isn’t a class system either. Ayn Rand despises eastern mystics more than communists. Yet If I say, that Roark, is a subset of the Bhagwad Gita, it isn’t a contentious claim. That shall be a separate blog post. Ayn Rand purists might bellow at me, but if Rand were alive she would grudgingly concur though deploring the garb of spiritualism under which it is clothed. I am not deploring Rand here. The Mystic texts are full of seeming contradictions. The subset has only semblance and seeds of Roark and isn’t considered the perfect ideal.

Ayn Rand purists can rest assured, she is a class apart. In her axiomatic world there are not even seeming contradiction. She contends Man is Ideal and portrays the ideal man. if you follow her, you are untrue, follow yourself is what she wants. Some one said even if there is no god, invent god, then you’ll have values and won’t err. I don’t believe God is an invention, not a God but Gods exist in this world when we live; or more aptly there is a power above guiding us in our life, call it God, justice, Dharma or Karma. It isn’t a naive belief but something I have felt. It can’t be conveyed. Well if you need try Kahlil Gibran’s ‘Prophet’ or any of your favorite scriptures.

I don’t believe in ‘God after Death’ but believe in ‘Powers or Gods’ in life guiding us. It isn’t a contradiction. For this read ‘Gibran’ and then you have to give it your own spin.

The mediocre song on which I had no control had purpose. Might be my ramblings might be chanced by another wayfarer eons away and ease him. May be it might even put smiles on the faces of readers who laugh at the naivety of wayfarers and their curious ways.

P.S. I am a fun person in life, then why this. Truth is when I am on a roll, and having so much fun, I don’t connect pen with paper, nor read a written word. I am happy a lot many times, a lot many many times, but no one can be happy all the time. Thinking too much will make one crazy. Work, love near and dear and be happy.

P.S.S. So baby, just relax and have lots of fun.