I chanced upon

I chanced upon
a deep green pond
that sought my whispers
and echoed along.

I was lost
in my sounds
and croaked at the stars
croaked at the moon
without a pause.

Us frogs’ croaks
filled the night time sky
no silence all around.

I once heard a cuckoo
sweet music aspired
in my croaks.

The cuckoos were silent
as I croaked on and on
and I swore to be mute
and not croak anymore
but my nature was just
that I couldn’t shut.

So at last
to give and find peace
I prayed to forever croak. 
(as in die)

That cuckoos may sing
may be spare a song
for us foolish frogs
that tried their hands
and went away for peace.


Slowly I count

Slowly I count
with bated breath
like little kids do
in a game
of hide
and seek.

One, two, three.
Unlike them
l don’t count
as moments pass.
I pause for days
sometimes weeks
at times much more.

The count does grow
gradually in its own pace.
I am in the thirties, my age.
In the fifties, my count.
When will I see the millions
I see elsewhere.

What do I count
not shining stars
not money in my account
nor the pages I’ve written.

I count my follows
and why do I do that
don’t I have chores.

I do it in hope of finally creating a stage
for my final grand master piece


Spreading the cheer


Thanks writeshefali for nominating to the blogger recognition award. You’ve made me feel part of the blogging world. There are a few floating around and a good thing too. When I first saw a mention of such thing I was like why the fuss over a little thing. (I now realize that it is the little things that need to be fussed over or else you’ll lose all waiting for the great thing and women do that wonderfully)

This encourages us small bloggers, so do likes and follows. Blogging is passion, it is connecting on a much deeper level with others. I really look forward to doing the activities mentioned. In happiness tag, I had to do suo moto at least now I have an invite. As for posting links I don’t know, is a feeble excuse, I’ll try but if eluded will tackle learning that beast on a calmer day.

My job required me to maintain a business blog, so I thought starting a personal blog would give me a picture. Ironically I had to quit my job, but the blog kept me going. Then it gave me the strength to go after my true passion in real life, then it gave me a self realization of what I would really like to see happen in my life, it made my previous goals fall short and the reason I live for now. In short it is the blog shaping me and not the other way around.

What I would like to share with new bloggers is that even if you are for promotion, in the long run in the blog world, nothing beats truth. Is it true? If you got a million bloggers following you on a different subject, and you pitch something different, only few will respond. On the other hand if you have a book and you have a committed few following, you can be sure they’ll all read the book.

As for nominations I haven’t explored or reached out in to the blog world fully yet. Of what little I know, I suggest people to whom I’ll send an information directly.

Happy Blogging!!!

Rules for participating in Blogger recognition award:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.Write a post to show your award.Attach the award to the post.Give a brief story of how your blog started.Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them & provide a link to the award post you created.

Happiness Tag

I’ve been writing toooooooo seriously for toooooooo long now. Ouch. I cringe my nose as I see my posts. Che photo, blah blah, boring poems. 😭 I say again I actually am funny. 😂

I saw something called happiness tag in some blog. You say 5 things that make you happy and 5 songs you like. Ha, it actually needs being invited and inviting others in the end. Since when were we bound by rules. For perspective, I am a 30 ish single guy, in India, middle class. That’s a world apart from few bloggers.

5 Things that make me happy.

1. Pretty Girls

Now and always, seeing them, chatting up with them.

2. Kids, pets and family relations

Love spending time with them.

3. Books, Movies and Music

Favorite pastime. Somehow now its time for movies and not much books, music.

4. Friends, dining and occasional booze

This is a must at times, as I might have been locked up and not ventured out that day. I make it a point to step out and go somewhere at least once.

5. Doing creative things

Seen my scribblings, soon you’ll have to bear with photographs and other surprising stuff.

5 Songs liked most

I have not been exposed to English songs that much, intend to change it. Yet here is 5.

1. Desperado – Eagles
2. Hotel California – Eagles
3. New kid in town – Eagles
4. Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson
5. By the rivers of Babylon – Boney M

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

My crown, I suffer most

My god, am I in the right place or should I say great Rand why am I here. Now more than ever I believe that I should have made Rand my god instead of keeping an open mind and seeking greater or other truths.

Most of my posts are inspired from the blog world. I believe they not only represent the world but also the brighter side of it. Let us say Ayn Rand believed that abilitities and skills should decide an individual’s position and not his needs. Also emphasized individual’s rights over weighed the collective and lot many things.

Here everyone is selling something, that is okay, most are trying to cash in on their weaknesses and afflictions which I know to be genuine. I don’t believe in fakes. In short pity and their needs are being sold like hot cakes. This is symptomatic of the modern world’s greatest affliction to exploit others generosity or compassion, which in turn comes from the need to ease guilt.

Helen Kellers of the world aren’t known for their affliction, some know them for what they did despite that, we know her for what she did beyond that. Here some revealing their short comings pitifully, yet go beyond that to reveal great talent of immense measure and are not even interested in money and want only sharing. All I ask is why? But why the pitiful pitch?

Who am I to ask this? In talent and skill I am unfit to kiss the dust that the foot of these giants have tread on. I too have an affliction that has crashed my life several times over, yet I can’t give that as an excuse as I have seen people with far greater afflictions do greater things. I am at the bottom of the dog pile and Ayn Rand’s theory has no space for the likes of us, it is about inspiring to reach heights. Even from the bottom i don’t grudge Rand’s theory.

It is in the arena of political and economic power that change is needed and a need based approach is needed in specific areas to create a level playing field. It is in this area that I hope to run with Che in the opposite direction to Ayn Rand. But remember the Ches of the world will never cringe show me mercy, I have needs, I have a love, I have Tanya, so please spare me.

Despite all this I not only understand but have a strong urge, need to share my affliction, agony, pain, in that process hear another’s sojourn there, cry on each other’s shoulders.
Yet that cannot be a claim for my need or even my love (very lately realized).

In short let us pause for the whiners and respect the doers and whine little ourselves and try to do more.

Passion and livelihood

Blog is short form for web log and it’s dictionary meaning is still today of documenting one’s life, skills or passions. It is a good thing that blogs have grown into businesses and from the hands of an individual or a few to corporate entities. Those individual passionate bloggers are also trying to enlarge their base and somehow find a livelihood out of their passions itself.

There are however still private blogs too, to share with a private few. Some like me are individual open blogs who log their stuff in cyberspace, the sharing and motivation from fellow bloggers move us to do more. Some big blogs have incentives for the individual blogger to log regularly, thereby attracting his interest and traffic.

There are various fishes of various sizes and kinds in the blog pond now. No pressure, no hunt on. The difference between individual blogs and corporate blogs are apparent. The former left free to their own devices. To some blog is future money, to some freedom, both aren’t wrong.


Blog. Log. Slog. Clog. Bog.
Lag. Snag. Drag. Me a Rag.
Can’t Shrug. Blog a drug.
Cling. Cring. Yet Bring Zilch.
High Strung. Few Wrung Likes.
Like, Strike Same. Like Pity Seem.
Strangers All. Dangers None.
Except Indifference. No Warmth.
No Friends. No Love. No feelings.
Blogger. Human, Moron or Robot.