I am a kid

I am a kid that never grew up,
never could do chores on my own,
dreams are gone, now empty cup,
peace at last, no skill to be shown;

now saw out of my safe glass house,
true love and joy, where no money was,
daily gather, simple feast, without grouse,
here grand dinner alone, what profit or loss;

yet he wants here, I want there,
all want money, bull or bear,
please hear, after life’s wear and tear,
won’t count money, rather your cheer;

don’t heed him, it is a poor wolf’s cry,
smile a lot, laugh aloud and hold high.

The wild rage

The wild rage, pain on, you got that zing thing,
no blunder, never surrender, the thunder crazy,
the world tells, world yells, what do we care,
we don’t cross them, we walk free, we dare;

their spells, that bind all, on us loose its magic,
and they’re afraid as we stand defying logic,
in fear and desperation, hold out their rules,
what constraints can hold us wild bulls;

death does come to all us, pain comes,
happiness too, in a blitzkrieg beyond hymns,
let them gather, mumble prayers, and give fee,
we’ll take anytime, death or morning tea;

they envy us and tremble, throwing stones
on us brave few that never went under.

Eat Wisely

I recently read a post, Power Play – Survival of the fittest at writeshefali.wordpress.com .

It was about bull fight and how she was moved to tears seeing the bulls die one after the other. In that case Shefali you must also take on beef, which can be too much on anyone’s plate.

I am a vegetarian by birth, a sort of a class system based on a thing called caste in India. To break that mould and belong, I have become an occasional non vegetarian. A chain smoker wanting to see the end of smoking isn’t wrong. So with me and vegetarianism, as it isn’t my one cause.

The one cause for me is to end the rat race of life and lessening the pace of this world. I am a spec of dust in the wish that will make the movers come and do. I don’t go by the stop watch, so I know my wish will come true in my time or later.