I am near

I am near
tearing my hair
running unclothed in the streets
not shouting eureka
for i’ve found nothing
not myself
a needle in this haystack.

My heart spews outrageous thoughts
at the obscene reality
that is me
and this world.

Poetry, art and beauty are tender.
World a splendor. Love is tender.
Not my reality. May be my blunder.
Yet will never cheat, bow low or plunder.

World says truly
life is a struggle
freedom a bubble
we all surrender
you’re no wonder.

I know I am down under
won’t say I don’t need your support.
Yet will never let a lending hand
lead my way.
I would rather drown.

Why such anger
inner frustrations
pointy fingers.
So what, all that counts
is where it flows.

Its rivulets join streams
and the majestic river formed
shall capsize mountains.
Dawn of a new civilization.

I am near
and so are you
let us join hands
to make the dream true.

Unselfish Ancestors

From stone age,
it has been a long voyage,
for the human race
has set a fast pace;

Now the world we face
is such a beautiful place,
we are in debt
to the unselfish ancestral sect;

they hadn’t what we had
but have left us more,
yet we are mad
to let it all ashore;

they never let their tear droops dry,
so that we may not cry,
one needn’t give,
but just live and let live;

Mankind faced such torment
to have its happy moment,
are we happy now?
no, we wage wars anew;

the dream of mankind,
the product of the mind,
which toil of men drew,
to the point it becomes true;

but all the hatred and pain,
the only remain,
of war and famine,
has put all efforts in vain;

We wasted it all
after growing so tall,
if we ignore the warning call,
mankind will make its final fall.