There is no originality they say, one sees a flying bird and a horse to imagine a flying horse. Yet the minds that dared to see them together, is daring and creates beauty. Today’s creations are just combinatorics from myriad million possibilities, all the more alluring for their daring novelty. So don’t comment emptily on a creator’s originality but be daringly original in your perception of it.

Laughter’s Son


Resources of mind, soul and body drain,
mental laziness renders the creative pond dry,
I find no drop to fill however hard I try,
no spark of lightning, no hope for rain;

I move dead slow with tortoise brain,
never I come out of shell, I am shy,
but at times I let inhibitions fly,
I lie low, never serious, ever in playful vein;

I enjoy life and all is fun,
and I seem so to those around,
away from the pond I run,
to escape the ridicule of the hound;

I’ve chosen to be laughter’s son,
so I silence the inner sound.