Diary (12/03/2019)

My restaurant is still being readied and hopefully would start soon. The blog is the greatest to have happened to me. Yet it is not an apt forum for posting novels. I have joined wattpad. This is where I stand on wattpad. I am determined to have my novel read even if it meant I have to read all the novels the site hosts. The blog shall always be my first love. I am damn poor in social media. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter though I have accounts. If possible I’ll rectify it. But I shall always have my blog.


Diary (07/03/2019)

The start of my new restaurant is being delayed by financial woes among other things. My brother and partner are seeing in to most of its aspects. As a training for me I was asked to sit in the cash counter of an already running restaurant in which my brother is a partner. I went there fleetingly and then resisted and stopped going there. Today I intend to change that and subject myself to the exercise.

As I mentioned in my last poem, I intend to take my life by the horns and start afresh. I am going to focus on the now and the present and start a life for myself. I must strain for a while for change can be very painful but then when it becomes a habit it comes naturally. I know being king of bad habits. Meet you hopefully in another diary entry not with mere intentions but actual change happened.

Diary (17/02/2019)

I as usual today blogged or wrote hectically. Yet today I took time off completely and visited the blogs of those following me. I browsed all posts with leisurely ease. I decide to not write incessantly. I will strive for quality. I will take up photography soon. As soon as I get my hands on the camera, hopefully tomorrow. Whatever it is I won’t blabber half truths anymore. By half truths I mean half beautiful posts.

I have now a familiar set of bloggers to connect with. My restaurant is near completion and hopefully start by next Sunday. All in all the year 2019 might be a change for me albeit even challenging at times. I took blogging heavily this year and my own business starts this year. Wish me luck.

Diary (15/02/2019)

Hi everyone my restaurant is nearly finished and should open by the end of next week. It  should be an interesting and enriching experience. My blogging pace shall not be affected I think.

As far blogging I will soon get my camera and be an amateur clicking away. As for writing I let my whims have a field day scribbling spontaneous posts and poems. I intend to work on it and produce some worthy pieces that can withstand the scrutiny of time.

I shall explore other poems for that, from within the blog and also famous poems. I’ll mimic their style and structure to get the feel of the various forms of poems. Someday, someday very far away I shall write that one, one masterpiece to be enjoyed by all.


Diary (10/02/2019)

Today there was an informal start to the restaurant. A puja (prayer) was performed there. There were some sample dishes cooked and given to known people. Yet there is lot more work to be done and the effective opening is expected to happen in a week or two week’s time.

That is not the bother, what is bothering me is my active indulgence in blogging. I scribble poems and what use will be that in the end. What will all the likes and follows get me in the end. I am not saying they mean nothing but what use are they if I were to have a traditionally published novel.

But I must admit that I am having a fun time blogging. Very soon encouraged by this blog I’ll dabble in some photography too. Even before blogging I spent all my time before a laptop seeing movies or reading books. So there is no harm in blogging like this.

Blogging with poetry and photography and running a restaurant are all my current missions for this year. Let us see how this pans out. Wish me the best.

Diary (07/02/2019)

I’ve touted several times in this blog but it requires mention again in this diary that I am going to open a multi cuisine non-veg restaurant in my hometown Tuticorin. The setting up work is almost done. I will be sitting in the cash counter all through the business hours. If I am free I’ll have time to blog there.

I was mildly surprised to hear that there are full time bloggers in the personal blogging space. They site blogging as their profession. I intend to take blogging more seriously and explore it to the fullest. I bought an expensive camera and guitar once when in the peak of my blogging and in the onset of a psychotic episode. I gave both of it away. But I now crave the camera. But not so fast. I haven’t earned the right yet. I’ll do only things that don’t need money for now. That means writing and other novel things. I so want to learn cooking but I live with my parents and brother and they will consider it a passing fad for me. May be if I were alone but that is not to be. I once created a slideshow and put it as a video in this blog. I’ve now forgotten how I did that. I can do a few videos but for that too I need a headphones with mike. What I can do now is to research the web on topics and post articles about it.

My life is spilled over this blog well disguised. I’ve mentioned wanting to be a writer and publish a novel or a poetry book. I’ve bought a recorder to conduct interviews. I intend to interview ordinary persons and do features here. This is a lofty goal indeed and will take much time. For who will take me seriously and do it in full seriousness. I myself am not confident about it.

It is one year of blogging under the belt though I started this blog almost two years back. I didn’t blog a single post for a whole year. I intend to maintain this diary more frequently. There have been just two diary entries before this.

Wish me luck.

Diary (09/02/2018)

I revived this blog only a couple of days back in pursuance of the changes in my life.

After years of idleness, I am now in the process of setting up a lending library in my hometown, Tuticorin. Got quite a few Tamil books for the library in addition to the English books already at home.

Reading three books in parallel, Sujatha’s Ayndham Athyayam, Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre’s Freedom at Midnight, and the book on Gita written by my brother’s friend titled Butterflies, parottas and the Bhagavad Gita.

Daily routine improving as I wake up in the morning instead of at noon enabling me to have breakfast which had been skipped for quite a few years.

This diary section is a bid to help myself. This will be maintained from time to time with the latest happenings that can be made public.