Words ran

Words ran without care,

ugly or beautiful but true,

mindless of how I fare,

tempted by Muse or shrew;

maybe rightly mocked for it bitter,

didn’t deter for it gave great joy,

yet is it okay when I need babysitter,

as adult is it right to still play and toy;

lived two lives, on earth and in dreams,

saw joy shift from world to one in mind,

isn’t it natural to migrate to inviting themes,

to woo me here must make joy and be kind;

to me mind’s world real, who are you to refute,

so go away or fulfil my every wish without dispute.








Boom Times

Boom times drench all with golden showers but I in depression,

starved for long my hungry dreams need money big time,

I grumble and stumble while the world earns in precision,

curious lofty dreams beyond capture of an unworthy rhyme;

give me a few thousand and I shall play the fool and sing,

I shy to speak shall make song noise from my hoarse throat,

give me a thousand more and I shall dance in a ring,

I shall run naked for money to climb my dream boat;

Oh devil where are you? I’ll sign any contract for my dream,

Give me my dream and I’ll readily die the very next day,

I am all alone with my dreams sans any support team,

I curse sun to scorch itself so I don’t face another failed day;

people die but my dreams don’t only if I would die,

should I beg, lie, steal and plunder to grasp the dreams high?