I sit here alone

I sit here alone
musing to myself
as silence echoes the night.

For days together
save for an odd word
here and there
with a solemn shopkeeper
my tongue is tied.

What do I want?
Money in my kitty.
Success celebrity.
Be loved as I am.

A whisper sought
this desperado,
said queen of diamonds
will beat you
queen of hearts, best bet.

Queen, diamond or hearts
not for us failures
who’ve played our hand
and lost unto the cons
who rule this world
all in the name of love
or call it kindness.

Try again, a chorus heard.
How many times.
How many ways.
The world quit us
yet we won’t quit life.

The journey goes
and so will we
for we made a vow
to stay till the end.


I ain’t a failure

I ain’t a failure,
you live in this world,
intrigued by its lure,
I just got no hold;

I live light years away,
yet you’re my neighbor,
I need your love and labour,
for where I live, easily led astray;

I thought I got talent,
so I was never prudent,
saw everyone’s talent,
gush in awesome torrent;

seeing minds more potent,
lost heart, though never lament,
happy to see, happy to savor,
their fine wisdom and fresh flavor;

I grapple with the within I,
yet still hold Ayn Rand high,
my cause, opposite, yet still pure,
never dare me, vilest failure;

for I call for death and defy life’s succour,
shall bring change to all with Che’s vigour.