I was ten headed

I was ten headed Ravana

until many a Ram came each day

and burst my head with precision,

when time came for my last head

fought fiercely to morph

in to the thousand headed being

Ravana deep in sea

a foe the world dreaded

until came Sita

and with one blow

ended all thousand

yet all knowledge and pride

lived shared among

lesser mortals like Ram.

Common bond shared

Common bond shared, Lord Shiva, I and few,
I wannabe adored, loved and belong like all do,
yet when saw undeserving tricksters get all,  society didn’t need me, me neither, stood tall;

Lord Shiva withdrew society, some reason,
the mountain, rivers and world froze around,
the world despaired, prayed divine feminine,
who worshipped, made relent the unbound;

I am no god and my absence didn’t matter,
no girl came, no boulder or water drop cooled,
I went deeper far beyond the senseless clutter,
wondrous joy nature, where nothing fooled;

found when a river shuns raindrop, river loses,
not rain drop, it is adored on a flower petal.